Mobile Shelving

Mobile (mobile) shelving, or "kompaktusy" – are essentially the same archival shelves, only mounted on a movable trolley that moves along rails mounted in the floor. With the help of easily movable shelving solve the problem of capacity, backing up to a small area. Mobile racks free to seventy percent of the warehouse due to the lack of passes between them. Compactness allows racks install them not only in stores, but also in offices and working locations. Carrying capacity is 60 kg, but if necessary can be increased to 150 kg.

This allows the use of mobile shelves and in warehouses. Structures can contain up to ten sections, and move from a manual drive. In general, mobile racks mounted with 2-6 sections, and mechanical drive. For safety reasons, electric use rare. Move through the racks of three types of handles: the wheel, which allows to move the design, not catching the handle, moving the handle lever and ratchet mechanism. The mechanism of movement is closed cover plate, and also come in three forms: with drive wheels on the transmission shaft, gearing sprocket wheels for chain and hand-outs to the transfer of the transmission shaft to the wheel.

Before mounting the movable shelving need to find bearing capacity of floors and ceilings, and, if necessary, install additional bearing beams. Made on the basis of shelf designs, mobile racks have a smaller weight, and located on the floor, parallel rails, promote equal distribution of weight. Shelf construction made of coated profile, the shelves are attached with bolts or special hooks. Grippers can be mounted movable shelving quickly and without the use of working tools. By design we can easily add more shelves. Easy to use movable shelving, the possibility of increase in the length or width, a wide range of additional elements (locking devices, sliding tables, dividers) – all this makes the essential mobile racks in your warehouse.