Monica Beatriz Gervasoni

The wise Council of a journalist says: we must take biromes and role as bra and panty. Monica Beatriz Gervasoni wrote the following article on Sos journalist and who can read full by clicking here. Goddesses or demons, some women scribes have been involved hand in hand with some traditional traditions. Because for example: how to explain to the great-grandmother, grandmother and mother who barely know sewing, no little embroidery, gatas cooking and will not open nor crazy door to go to play, unless we have finished the note even less we married with no Colonel, because, of course, do not pass in front of any headquarters. Worse still, choose a chord husband, another journalist, or future journalist, which is still recontra worse,. There is nothing to do, will conclude the family correlate resigned, God makes them, one breeds them, the wind scatters them and them, what can do them?, come together! Assuming that they have been able to explain or ignore the issue, the issue does not stop there. It must be borne in mind some details that when creating, also, added or subtracted.

For example: keep in mind our isolation of each day. Front of the blade blank paper or computer, everyone remains incommunicado. It doesn’t hear or the flight of a fly. Nobody, including the Canary Islands, can say or pious. At any time, everyone, and not to be paranoia floating in the air, they sospecharan that we meditate, by rail to incense, candles alleged and related. But, we are concentrating and praying to how Holy is crossed by a miserable idea. The wise Council of a journalist says: we must take biromes and role as bra and panty. A journalist, goes naked if it is devoid of its elements. So get to work, to provide an artillery of pens, pencils or pen, write, especially when you request them to do so.