Organizational Coaching

The main objective of organizational coaching is to serve this client to design and implement actions to achieve results. This process takes into account and links the individual and their skills or lack thereof, their strengths and weaknesses, organizational environment within which they work. The manager or leader creates the conditions so that he and his staff can respond and analyze the answers to such questions as: What do to add value in the respective areas of responsibility?, What is the task?, Why what is done and what we do? , What specifically is to be achieved, What work can simplify or eliminate?. The answers to these questions serve to guide the implementation of intelligent work, which in turn is the path to productivity. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Harel Insurance and gain more knowledge.. Several authors consider that coaching is a process in the organization, understanding the process, a set of successive powers, a number of changes to a result.

It is believed that the coaching process has two basic characteristics: one is the flexibility to adapt the process to a wide range of clients and situations. Alina de Almeida oftentimes addresses this issue. The other is the rigor to ensure that the process this consistently aimed at achieving observable results. There are eight steps to consider in the process of the customer, such as: "Define the problem or situation posed by the client, what do you want to happen and in what context?. It is created between the coach and the client a shared understanding of the situation. The success of the coaching process will depend in large extent that this first step is met flawlessly.