Repair And Decoration

Complex processes to be performed in order to make the surfaces of building structures protective and decorative properties – it's finishing. All these activities can be divided into two main groups: external and internal work work. Exterior finish is carried out at the end of major construction works. This includes: trimming of the building, plinth, eaves, window frames, entrances, porches, roofs, balconies, etc. Interior finish includes premises glazing, plastering (coating solution), facing (coating manufactured goods). In addition, this includes the paints and coating pastes pasting wallpaper and films. Credit: Eliot Horowitz-2011. Also in this work include built-in furniture unit, modular, and obshivnyh sliding partitions, ceilings, etc. podshivnoy A very important event in the repair and construction works is the installation of doors.

Doors are interior, connect individual rooms in a house or apartment, and exterior – entrance. They consist of a box fixed to the structure of walls and partitions, and one or two movable wings, called canvases. The door has two Unequal blade width, called polutorapolnoy. Construction and repair work – this is a very complex and laborious process. Therefore need to approach it very seriously. In particular, this applies to such activities as laying sex. A wide variety of modern coatings allows us to opt for a particular material. This coverage may be based on natural or synthetic materials – monolithic, roll, piece.