Riva On Lake Garda: The Most Popular Bathing Lake In The Alps

What the Lake so attractive is the most popular bathing lake in the Alps is a survey according to the Garda. Every year, he draws countless German onlookers, who want to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature especially in the autumn. Learn more at: Malcolm Hill. In the North, Riva is an attractive holiday destination. The small town of fascinated already the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. During his stay, he enjoyed the Evergreen Garden”at the Lake, which still shines in the most charming colors.

The travel portal reisen.de reports why is now worth a holiday on Lake Garda. Travel have a special charm to Riva in the Golden autumn months. As estimated by Nietzsche parkland full of maple, Ginkgoes, magnolias and camellias in magnificent colours light up. In addition, culinary seduce visitors to Lake Garda: there are grapes, olives, Italian chestnuts and mushrooms in abundance this time of year. A visit to the traditional markets, where discretion must be tried, is strongly recommended.

In Riva del Garda can visitors stroll but also otherwise wonderful. Located directly on the north shore of the Lake, the city offers unparalleled views of the nearby Monte Rocchetta. Who wants to experience Riva from above, should the Rocca don’t miss. The moated castle dating from the twelfth century serves not only as a Museum, but also as a beautiful vantage point. Tourists recognize the Mediterranean painting no later than on the architecture of Rivas, which is characterised by a mix of the style of buildings of Habsburg and Venetian palaces. The narrow streets with their Italian restaurants in turn invite you to linger. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann