School Community

In this direction, we will search to establish with the pupils and the pertaining to school community a more including reflection on the existing ambient degradation in the Land division Green Dream, pertaining locality to the quarter, where many pupils inhabit, specifically in relation to the forest fires practised in the band of Atlantic bush that if extends for the land division, to the accumulation of garbage deposited in the bush and strips of land, the burning of the domiciliary garbage (since the garbage collection is assistemtica and irregular in that one locality) and the irregular creation of the cattle (extensive pasture). As metodolgicos procedures, they will be carried through: wheels of colloquy for survey of previous knowledge, lesson of field for the quarter, questionnaires answered for the parents on positive and negative aspects of the quarter, drawings produced for the pupils, ecological walk for the school, collective confection of posters and mural with the photos of the carried through activities, exposition in the patio of the school. As end item, it will have the confection of a Cartilha de Ambient Educao to be delivers to the families of the pupils and the local community, with sights to the acquisition of positive attitudes ahead of the local environment, the change of attitudes and the formation of the ecological citizen..