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It must be said that all the seventies of last century was a time when pharmacists around the world forgetting for a moment the chemical studies, recalled about nature. Around the world, had dozens of scientific expeditions that collected and studied the medical experience of different people. Expeditions were among the two worked on pharmaceutical Company Life Science Investments, registered in the UK. Since its inception in Life Science Investments team of French scientists pharmacists and doctors specialize in the development of drugs for the treatment of skin diseases and tumors in skin. These developments have been quite successful. In 1978, the research team, who worked in Spain, became interested in the properties of a special kind of local melon. "Squeeze" out of the melon local witch doctors used to treat Mal de los pintos, so they called that in Europe, known as vitiligo, and in Russia in those days as Pes.

Samples of plants were transferred to France and there was obtained laboratory sample extract. But here waiting for the problem. Extract in its pure form was rapidly losing their properties. The solution was found in the method microgranulation. This technology consists in the fact that the active substance in the form of a special kind of melon extract with powerful antioxidant effect, is placed in the granule microscopic size, which at the time of application of the drug on the skin warm fingers release the active ingredient. Pharmaceutical research – a complex and lengthy process. At each stage there risk of failure.

The fact that this article describes just three proposals, namely the research process from start to implementation of the drug into production, took almost 10 years. The new drug called VITIX (Gel VITIKS). Now "VITIKS" sold in 83 countries. And since 2002, sold in Russia. The next achievement was the creation of the French pharmacists tablets with the same title. The combination of external and internal use has increased the efficiency and treatment time by 35-40%. As well as a gel, a tablet form "VITIKS" has a very powerful antioxidant effect. Included in the drug substance inhibits the synthesis of two major oxidants that cause cell destruction membranes. A balanced vitamin-mineral complex, not less powerful to cope with the effects of stress that patients of vitiligo have often enough. In applying the tablets the active ingredient without being destroyed in acidic environment of the stomach, is easily absorbed in the intestine. Clinical trials of the drug allowed the French researchers to recommend it as a standalone product to help people suffering from stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. But this is a topic for another article. In order to reduce the psychological discomfort of the patient and improve his quality of life, and in the presence of vitiligo is very important, in addition to these drugs was developed by the gel mask "VITIKOLOR" used during the treatment period to paint the depigmented patches. Cream "VITIKOLOR" under the conditions described in the manual, do not rinse with water and stores their properties up to seven days. All of the above, as well as reviews of several drugs Vitiks based on the experience used them in their practice of physicians and patients, suggests that at present in Russia no longer There the term "vitiligo incurable." MP 'Gasquet'