Scope And Relevance Of Topgrading

Smart and H. Geoffrey in his text “Topgrading the Organization” as defined as: “Action and effect to cover all posts in an organization with a 1st player to the appropriate level of remuneration.” Useche Tomyris on this topic tells us, that the companies have been experiencing rapid growth are focused on constantly evaluate talent, not only for the occupants of the existing posts, but also for potential future posts. Hire people with great potential for advancement. Reaffirming these companies the competitive advantage of any organization is talent. This had been practiced successfully in PDVSA and for that reason has planted a great international prestige.

However, in the case of Venezuela said in April 2002 that the company PDVSA has been the only company in Latin America to successfully apply this tool. The fact that any company that has established the “topgrading” rewards the talent with a good package of pay and compensation. PDVSA salaries just are internationally competitive. To compare the salaries of executives at PDVSA must take into account that they compete with a market that is not in the country. According to R. Masters, General Manager of Korm / Ferry International says: “The greater engagement with business, in a critical situation like this is the defense of their key human resources.” It is known that workers in the Topgrading happy is a good percentage, since they are people with good job performance and professional.