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Note: what I’m presenting is a brief transcript of the video whose credit is Mr Mauricio duque (SETH GODIN) and anyone can apply their techniques according to its mission which is to reduce the digital divide in Latin America. Then note the video, personal notes, conclusions and final recommendations the purpose of this article is that most of people interested in online businesses expand their knowledge in different aspects of the marketing by internet and especially in regard to email marketing. Source of information: Email Marketing Simple manner in a timeline from 1990 to 2009 email marketing and other materials to communicate and publicize our clients has evolved in the early 1990s direct mail and phone were the tools d communication more usual with our customers at the beginning of 2009 there is a proliferation of channels of communication (emailMobile, sms, direct mail, telephone, VoIP and multiple tools that facilitate the relationship with the client as social networks, blogs, rss, podcasting, social media and ads, landing page, web cam among many others the constant: fragmentation of media, diluted messages, customer segmented some basic concepts that we must handle: spam: send mail without the authorization of the person optin: accept a double message optin: generate subscribe via email and mail to confirm action. benefit of the above: verified mail user takes the job of accepting your mail demonstrates interest, truly wants to receive the information.