State Automobile Inspectorate

In areas with possible pathogenic contamination of the soil (landfill, livestock, cemeteries) excavation conducted with the permission of public health supervision. 4. Pits and trenches developed on the streets, passages, courtyards populated areas, places the movement of people or transport, fenced protective fencing. Installed on the fence and warning signs inscriptions, and in the dark or in poor visibility conditions – light signaling. In the production of excavations on the roadway street circuit protections and job placement of road signs approved by the State Automobile Inspectorate.

5. No repair work in dark or shaded areas. If you need to perform excavation work at night, lights are arranged so that illumination was uniform and there was no blinding light flux. As portable lamps are used specifically for this purpose lighting voltage not exceeding 12 V. 6. Descent workers in the trench (trench) is carried out on ladders or ladders, and the passage through the trenches – on bridges, illuminated at night. 7. In the production of earthworks may impact the following dangerous and harmful production factors: the collapse of the ground, falling objects (employee) from a height, moving machinery, high voltage in an electrical circuit whose closure can pass through the human body, high gas content and dusty air of working zone, the formation of explosion and fire environments, low or high temperature of the working area, high or low humidity and mobility air increased levels of ultraviolet radiation, elevated levels of vibration, lack of illumination of the working area; sharp edges, burrs and roughness on the surfaces of instruments and equipment; pathogens.