Working from Home

Description: Featuring an opportunity to earn money without leaving home. After the first 2-3 months of participation in this project you will have a guaranteed income in 1000, this has been proved by numerous participants. Specifics of work. Pay from 2 to several hours on the computer at the same time earning money from the […]

TOP Employees

Many managers do not pay enough attention to the fact that workers are not interested in the qualitative performance of official duties – this is the basic problem, because the wrong approach to the assessment, opportunities and desires of staff of your company, may adversely affect not only your reputation but also to the further […]

Higher Education

In this case, there are many newcomers and agencies with very small volumes are sent to study abroad and 50 students per year (data provided by the project Stud ekspress.RU). How, then, graduates with higher education, but for totally different specialty find work in the field of study abroad? First, think about – why you […]