Civil Code

Thus, having a trademark can be protected your domain, and to prohibit others from using the same or similar trademark. Despite the fact that the Civil Code came standard (paragraphs 3, paragraph 9 of Article. 1483 Civil Code), under which can not be registered as trademarks marks that are identical industrial design, mark of conformity, domain name rights which have arisen before the priority date of the registered trademark, refers to the literal interpretation of this norm should be very careful. The belief that "I have such a domain, so nobody can register its trademark" is a fallacy and generally a somewhat contrary to international law. Note that if such your trademark has been registered (or filed for registration), then you will fail, and therefore the time and money will be spent in vain. In order not to encounter such a situation is better to conduct a search and verification of similar trademarks. In addition to the various spheres and branches may exist similar trademarks in this there is nothing illegal.

Currently, the registration areas 45 and they may well "to find a place" and for your brand identity. Logo Logo is a major component of the company's image. Logo – is in fact the foundation of all corporate identity, its main element, the "face" of the firm throughout the years of its work. Of course, the registration of the logo as a trademark greatly increases the chances of funds and protect the right holder. If applied to the logo, competitors may use a similar logo, drawn by another designer, using a similar trademark – is an offense. Therefore, the logo that will be used for a long time and who have a desire to protect from use by others, we must also register as a trademark.

Database. Soft. Content of the site. In addition to the above circumstances, one of the main problems that may be faced entrepreneurs who have a website on the Internet license for the problem are used to create a website software (software), as well as the legality of the use of site content (text, images). There may be very important to help correct and literate contract drawn up with the company-developer of the site. First of all, the contract must include a software and management system which will use the company-developer. Who owns the rights in such program, on what grounds they use the company itself. As for how long those rights "license" will be transferred to you. With regard to the content site, its design and use elements it must be remembered that all of them regardless of the volume and size are subject to copyright and are protected under general conditions. Therefore, the company-developer, providing you such services should take on commitments and full responsibility for the "stolen" and not legally acquired their content. If you decide not to build your web-site of "from scratch", and "buy" an existing resource, you must also think about the conclusion normal contract, which will be clearly stated that the one you bought and what rights will be transferred to you under this contract. Please note that the transfer of any rights, previously registered in the Russian Patent, can only be transferred under the contract, which also must be registered in the same organ. No registration agreement is invalid.

How To Secure Windows XP

Most people know that it is constantly having problems with the security of the operating system Windows Microsoft and other software. However, what most people do not understand is how easy it is to improve the security of your computer and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of increasingly sophisticated threats that lurk on the Internet. These steps will take less than a few hours, and will not cause harm to your well-being. 1) Update Windows – the first step, you need to do to make sure that all of your Microsoft applications have all the latest updates installed. These updates, or 'patches' that eliminates the vulnerability of security systems and other problems. Microsoft normally releases these updates every month. Visit the Microsoft Web site or turn on automatic updates in Control Panel (Windows Control Ranel). Even if you ''kompyuter vseravno perform eto.Esli you buy a computer with Windows xp, make sure that it installed the latest service pack or SP3. Petra Diamonds will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

2) Complex passwords – people are often overlooked, but a good and strong password is an important element of your computer security. Complex password must include at least 8 characters with a mixture of text, symbols and numbers. You should make sure that everywhere is set the login password. Do not forget, electronic purse, your e-mail, social networks and any other services like Ebay, which hackers can use that would damage your wealth. 3) virus protection (Anti Virus Protection) – the threat of computer viruses, has receded in recent years, but they can still cause serious damage to your computer. The best choice is to buy a package of protection that includes a firewall and antivirus software at least. 4) Firewall – if you use a broadband connection when a firewall is a prerequisite for managing traffic between your computer and the Internet.

A firewall monitors incoming Internet traffic passing through the ports of your computer. Some firewalls also monitor outbound traffic from your computer to the Internet. Windows xp now comes preinstalled with a firewall, but the product does not monitor outgoing traffic, but because it does not provide . 5) Software software to combat viruses spyware (Anti Spyware Tool) – this is the last component of your security on the Internet. This tool helps to fight with spyware and make the program with ads placed in them. When you decide what software tool is right for you, pay attention to test results and reviews on the Internet. This will help you and make the right choice.