Teaching the Kabbalah

FACT IS ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS AND MYSTERIOUS BOOKS THAT WERE NEVER WRITTEN BUT WHO REALLY KNOWS WHAT THERE, such as “USA” AND WHAT THAT TEACHES? * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that the Creator created a general desire within which the future unfolds all creation. This covers only desire an immense amount of special requests that are interconnected in a single system called “Adam Harrison” (The First Man), or in Kabbalistic terms, Collective Soul. Then and as the Plan of Creation, the Creator begins to ruin relations between the different parts of that single desire and they start to lose the connection that existed between them in their original state.

As a sick body whose organs lose their mutual functioning, including parts of Collective Soul lose their interconnection to that found in a total imbalance. Like a disease in our world is identified by signs imbalance, for example, when fever increases, or when you change the chemical composition of the blood and are indications of disease in our “general body.” Why the great Creator’s plan was to affect this? Why was there need for a “disease” in our “collective body”? Well, there was no other way to do this, we recognize that our body was ill able to feel the damage before we could bring health. So it was that the disease or the deterioration of our relationships, is developed in our initial state, and we begin to feel less and less connected together. .