Techniques Of Makeup For Eyes

But the makeup itself can pass from your partner to be your worst enemy. Depending on how it is applied and the colors you use can accentuate your flaws and hide the virtues of your face. One of the parts of our face that changes completely when we Ceviche we are the eyes and therefore we will present you some eye makeup tricks to highlight your eyes. Those who have small eyes have a great challenge when it comes to makeup. Find the proportion in the application of makeup for small eyes is ideal, for this is essential to know how to select colors that will open your eyes and accentuate them. Avoids choosing very dark shadows and also those which are of the same hue as the color of your eyes. When you have small eyes you must find the contrast. It outlines your eyes carefully.

The line must be uniform and begin along the outer third of the eye carefully spreading under the outside corner to make your eyes look more open. Finally you have to bend your tabs, this is also important for make your eyes look larger. Another aspect that you must take into account is the selection of makeup with eye shadow. This can be based on your age, event or personal style. Easier to use shadow is the shadow powder and tight because it mixes easily and they endure over your eyelid long hours.

To choose the color of eye shadow makeup suitable, also consider your eye color to choose a color that contrast or combine. You need to know for what occasion makeup look. For example, to go to work, a matte color is indicated, while a bright color should be after 5 in the afternoon. Another infallible trick of eye makeup? Place a little glitter or white shadow in the eyebrow bone and extends your finger to give it a special touch. To the face time to outline your eyes, you need to know that the EYELINERS that work best are those of dark, black and brown colors, although there are also more conspicuous alternatives such as the green. What you have to do is delineate first the bottom edge of the eyes and then the upper edge, the part visible where the eyelashes are born. To give you a more natural air, fades with the finger. And if you want to innovate, you can outline your eyes to cat’s eye.