Testing Analog

It is not that this weekend more long than usual not removed nor a single photo. It is that on Friday we started at the CEF a practice that we had made in digital, but this time in analog format, with black and white film.Gave us a spool of 25 photos (at the end mine has been having 22 things make the reels to measure), a camera to choose between what they had and on the street with the tripod to be at night. Gave me the Canon AE1, a mechanical SLR 100% with a target canon 50 mm maximum aperture of f/1.8. Maximum exposure 2 seconds from there time in Bulb (to count the seconds of exposure with the clock or head). Aperture diaphragm in the lens ring and 125 ASA black and white film. There were other cameras available, but since I get with analogue photography we are going to do it really, with a classic and very different from my Canon EOS 350 d camera. I think that the more different is to mine, most think as I do the photo already that the lack handling the camera makes you secure me more on how I do each photo, not worth that shoot more or less.

The most curious, in addition to the fear by shooting (I have forced me to think much about the photo) and not to see the photo immediately after making it, was the handling of the camera. The photometer of this camera is a needle to the right within the Viewer. You adjust shutter speed and tells you that Aperture is correct for that speed everything is accustomed. Well, to see if we can on Wednesday reveal something and if we got this, to see if we can contribute the negatives for Friday and then see if I can show you some results. But again will be hehe. To see more articles like this or some of my pictures you can visit: original author and source of the article