The Importance Of Blogging For Money

The importance of blogs to earn money, while it is true today at the time say a blog already if only people relate it to a web site, people first used blogs to write their routines, hobbies, journaling and where showed videos and pictures relating to your blog, but nowadays to become indispensable to be able to earn money on the internet and that also with a platform friendly and easy to use and that any person with few computer skills can perform a blog in a matter of days, several years ago to have a web site is had that know html programming and this was very difficult already that if be had knowledge is had that hiring a designer graphic to make a web site. Firstly to make a blog it is necessary to have a domain own name this is so etc. and that there are a number of services to buy a domain and install a blog. usually one of them that I recommend this is professional and that costs much more you could say that it costs plus a large pizza that the purchase of a domain that I recommend. f information. The next step is to have a hosting this domain and blog and is where all information is stored and this is the service of hosting, there are many but in regulating this hostagator which is a company of hosting which is very professional service but this hosting service you can get it for free with the community of I.E that gives you free hosting service and also the blog free with the normal plugins. Now today is very easy to make a blog knowing the strategies and steps to follow through how-to videos to make a blog professionally, and that basically anyone can make a blog in a matter of days. Once you’ve already made a blog with strategies and how-to videos to make the blog and in my web site I show you some tips to go by adding content to your blog what follows it is monetizing your blog and this is done through the following ways: these may be through the sale of own products and these can be created by ourselves already either through an electronic book in pdf format or some compacted information consultancy, some private club etc, and that with this you can make money with a blog.

The following is through programs of affiliated and esque here there is an unlimited amount of programs that pay commissions to promote the product from the product owner and one of those who pay more commissions to promote the product and get the sale is clickbank since this pays up to 75% Commission per sale of the program’s affiliate and the affiliate earns the Commission according to the program of affiliated. Now there are a lot of ways to earn money with a blog, but these are some of the most used, good repazemos the previous points. You must first have a second hosting and blog services and that this get it free in the community of third party I.E to monetize the blog with own products or programs of affiliate. Well I hope that you have served this article. For more information visit original author and source of the article.