The Moving

Storage and storage for private should your parts Furniture at the moment do not need, so we gladly make you a suitable offer for the storage or storage. Privately and individually for those who individually and just like it, we offer also the placement of skilled personnel such as furniture makers and motorists for a fair price move. You will find more information here. Installment and relocation loans possible? Just ask us. For private moves with our list of moving equipment in order to be able to offer an as accurate, please use our relocation list offers. Your corporate relocation in good hands detailed planning and implementation of professional – that the MTS object and Office relocations stands out. In addition to the quality obvious for us our main focus is on an as soon as possible and smooth handling of your corporate relocation. Because time is money – and downtime is lost money.

Through precisely defined schedules and procedures, we ensure to minimise your idle time caused by the move. The Moving goods transported be reinstalled at the destination as soon as possible for your actual purpose. So, your company and your Office is quickly ready for use. Aktentransport file storage of sensitive goods – such as files and computer equipment – are in the best hands with us and be packed on request only by handpicked staff and loaded. We take care also to the storage of your unneeded files and documents course. Put on our professional services practice moving and office relocation even doctor’s offices and law firms. We are specialized in the transport of bulky goods and large file collections. The furniture of your practice or your firm is expertly disassembled and reassembled at the destination. So also you again can be there as soon as possible for your patients and clients. For the moving of your company, your company or your agency, we offer you tailor-made packages of local and long-distance transport and demolition and installation service packing service electrical service-EDV-service special transport (Safes,…) File transport Entrumpelungen storage storage installment and removal credit (credit check) your authority move with backup specialists – grants, costs work to moves within Germany under certain conditions of employment offices and job centres are subsidized.