Understanding Page Rank Of Google

What is PageRank? The Page Rank is an algorithm (computer program) created and patented by Google that qualifies as 1-10 the importance of a web page based on the number and quality of links or external links pointing to a web site, ie Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, from A to B. This means that the more links your website has published on other sites (blogs, Social Media, Directories, forums etc.) Will have more votes and therefore a better Page Rank. How does it affect my site's PageRank? A good Page Rank does not guarantee that a website is positioned at the top of Google search, because this really does the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), however, the Page Rank If it helps in part because Google prefers throwing in the first search results those sites that have a higher Page Rank, especially if the inquiry conducted by the user is too broad. As you can improve your website's PageRank? It does not really improve if you focus on not doing some tips for SEO of your site that consequently and automatically improve your Page Rank. Tip # 1: Post a fresh and original content containing keywords, which will help increase the number of hits on the site. For this, you can contribute articles, videos, photos etc … you should not necessarily be an expert but rather creative writer that implements a subject you know and that appeals to specific audiences.

Tip # 2: Da High to your site in Web directories like DMOZ, Google, Yahoo, among others, as for search engines, these sites are taken into account. It is recommended to start being discharged at 6 sites, waiting to be indexed and resume activity in other directories. Tip # 3: Make the most of HTML tags in your site,. Putting in each keywords in each page of your website, preferably to be consulted by users. These tags are relevant to the Google engine.

A tool to consult those keywords and I recommend it to eye closed is that of Google AdWords. Tip # 4: Make sure that your site links work properly, lest some of these are not recognized by the server because they are outdated or simply are misspelled. It is also recommended to include a file containing all the links (sitemap.xml) on the server, with this addition to improving your Page Rank, will give added value to the experience of the user browsing the site to quickly find what you're looking for . In conclusion, we can say that the classification of PageRank a website can be a diagnostic which indicates that our website is popular and relevant in the Internet. So, before you to publish your link in many places and with no purpose, first make sure to implement the SEO techniques and really like that, really good results in traffic to your website. If you still do not know the most effective techniques of SEO or want to implement on your site to receive more visitors Call Us Now! (401) 709-43-42 or schedule your appointment and get a free consultation to learn more about strategies and online marketing techniques that will help achieve the success of your business. Xzito your best solution.