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And few are committed to the theory that his e-mail didn’t? with RPost these two simple concerns of its customers, remain totally without argument. RPost provides legal proof of sent, delivery and opening of their electronic communications. E-mail registered service allows e-mail users to send emails with total security that the same is received. Registered e-mail gives legal proof of sent and received. This is a record or seal of verifiable delivery which indicates date, official time of receipt of the message and content. Established in 2000, technology RPost, is accredited by the Government of the United States.The U.S., who uses it since 2003. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Steinhardt.

When it comes to send a document or a notice that is required to have total certainty and security that was received, programs normally used as Outlook, Opera or Trunderbird give only a confirmation of received, but they do not constitute acceptable proof. This even, when be responded by the recipient. RPost gives a registered receipt of e-mail that gives verifiable proof to the dispenser of sent, delivery, content of the message and including attachments (attachments), sent time stamp and received, in addition to the used route tracing.