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To do this, have to meet the following characteristics: 1. be able to establish satisfactory relations with the members of the team. 2 Be loyal with himself and with others. 3. Having spirit of self-criticism and constructive criticism. 4 Have sense of responsibility to comply with the objectives. 5 Ability to self determination, optimism, initiative and tenacity.

6 Have perfection, for overcoming anxiety. Which requirements should have a good leader responsible for the management, dynamics of the work teams? On this US States, that: A team leader must be a quiet, sensible person and who worry about his task.The ideal leader has the support of the members of your team in every dimension of your activity, a leader should know motivate, persuade, influence, in addition to having clear goals that you want to achieve with the teams that form. Your behavior must conform to the following guidelines: initiation: the leader initiates, facilitates or resist new ideas and practices. Membership: the leader is mixed with the group, interacts and exchanges personal services with members. Representation: the leader defends the group against the attack, expresses the interests of the Group and acts on its behalf.

Integration: the leader subordinate individual behaviour, stimulates a pleasant atmosphere, reduces conflict and promotes individual adjustment to the group. Organization: the leader structure their own work, the other members and the relationships between them in carrying out the tasks. Domain: leader limits the behavior of the members or of the group in action, make decisions and expresses opinions. Communication: The leader provides and obtains information from members, and shows knowledge of any related matter with the Group. Recognition: the leader expresses approval or disapproval of the conduct of the members of the group. Production: Leader fixed effort or compliance levels and stimulates the members in terms of its performance. Conclusion the characteristics of the economic scenarios, especially the commercial demand from companies that they are covered by their productivity, efficiency and quality of its products and services, they are achieved not only by having a proactive, visionary management, strategist, in addition to cutting-edge technology, but by having a human resource cohesivamente integrated, where well-defined work teams are manifestedcapable of ensuring the accomplishments, goals. * Source: Notepad Professor of organizational behavior, virtual classroom, program graduate, specializing in quality management and productivity of faces, University of Carabobo.