Windows Repair

Basically, to repair a stained-glass window or a stained glass, must be present that these stained glass Windows are pieces of colored glass that are placed together using glue or a soldering iron to create more intriguing figures. Most of the problems with the stained glass is due to the placement of these. So, if the pieces fall or suffer any damage, here are some tips to repair them. Initially, determine how the pieces should be placed. Two methods for the junction of stained glass that are, use glue or a welding process are known. Parts more modern glass stick together and you can buy at the nearest store, an adhesive transparent especially for glasses.

Also consider consult the shop by the type of correct glue. When you replace parts, make sure area where it is clean was located and free of waste including old glue that may prevent uncured adhesive to take effect. Also read the instructions for the product you purchased to determine the curing time before and After applying the glue since this varies depending on the manufacturers and product specifications. Since most of the stained glass pieces are visible on both sides, make sure of this by placing the correct amount of glue residues may spread and become visible from both sides. For parts that are welded, as well as to repair a wallpaper, you need to use tools for welds and the same metal you are using for the piece in repair.

Also consider that the thickness of the weld metal must be exactly or more next to the original design as possible. Initially, after healing is complete, locate the workpiece using glue. Apply flux welding to ensure that metal has adhered to the surface and then use the welding machine to complete the process. Finally clean any residue that has been with a damp cloth and use SOAP or a detergent common or recommended to solder flux and other debris of glass. In some cases, you must separate the set to repair of the base to repair the stained glass. Be sure to have someone who helps you when you are working with large pieces, to prevent further damage or accidents. In case of cracks or broken pieces of glass, it will be forced to cut and make new pieces with the same color and the same material of the damaged. Be sure to use the appropriate tools for this job, such as, special glass gloves. For this type of repair, you will also need additional tools such as a glass cutter and sandpaper for polishing the edges that are installed. You can also use a notebook and a pencil or marker to keep track of damaged parts and place paper on top of the workpiece, to locate areas that are missing. You have protective liners to glasses, wax or shaped liquid that they protect the pieces of glass of any stain, rayon and even restores the color. You can find them in the store in your area.