Xplana Study

But, according to a recent study by Xplana forecasting, this percentage will increase considerably. The study concludes that one of every five textbooks will be digital books (or eTexts) in 2014. According to Rob Reynolds, director of the Studio, digital textbooks will begin to really break into the market when the number of sales reached 20%. The growth occurs by the proliferation of tablets, ereaders and the evolution toward systems something more as the ePub standard. They are also important to this trend towards digital textbooks fast availability of the texts, the price of the content (there is that in the most basic formats) and a growing interest in digital learning methods online. It is not the first time that we pointed out how are changing the habits of study and education on when to digitization refers. How resources for a more open education thanks to the possibilities offered by the digital texts can be promoted. Is no longer much point out the economic possibilities which these textbooks would mean for publishers, but would soon be needed awareness of these changes and a major restructuring as it is already doing in some cases. It is borne in mind the needs of the students and teachers, increasingly more familiar with scanning in your academic environment.