Analogical and Digital

The thought goes more far from what the practical one because it needs time, of the precious one to elixir of the material reality. The practical one is analogical and the thought is digital. In the reality of the thought the time does not exist. Not for another reason, the old saying ' ' it makes what I say and I do not make what fao' ' it never loses its the acute present time. It will be that of this skill we will arrive there? The great transformations had always fit to the minorities. In century nineteen, liberal luteranos had searched the truth on the myth Jesus Christ. The result of its studies and conclusions was sultry for the Christian majority. Until today, any attempt of clarification of the subject is considered serious moral infraction.

The faith does not need the lie, for more candy that it is. The lie consterna. Although this, had invented in the past a history that, as if they esteem, 2,2 billion people believe. The current universe of, more or less, 7 billion people, 1,8 billion believe one another one and 3 billion still resist both. At least, the hope of that the forecast of a confrontation in this century enters the two heleno-Jewish cultures not if consummates to the extremity is in these 3 billion. These religious cultures are as comunicantes vases, emptying one, if it empties to another one. The argument of that more intelectualizados than if had become attached the Christian faith, but not they are unaware of its same historical reality they even hide and it of itself, it is that the billions of believers must be preserved and would not be ethical exp them it so great suffering. Eticamente questioning: what it preserves the people of the suffering is the truth or is the lie? Here we deal with the general rule, not of accidental exceptions.