What we must also prevent and what we must make to get success in all our attitudes? ' ' Fortunate the man who does not walk advice of the mpios according to, nor if withholds in the way of the pecadores, nor if he seats in the wheel of the escarnecedores. Before Mr. has its pleasure in the law, and its medita law of day and night. Therefore he will be as the tree planted next to ribeiros of waters, which of the o its fruit in its time; its leves will not fall, and everything how much to make will prosper. They are not thus the mpios; but they are as moinha that the wind espalha.' ' Salmo 1:1 – 4 THINGS THAT THE BEM-SUCEDIDO SPIRITUAL DOES NOT MAKE: The well-succeeded spiritual is that one that: – he does not walk advice of &#039 according to; ' mundo' ' , instead of this, he walks advice of the right ones according to, that is, he walks advice of God according to and it only obeys the God. – it is not arrested to the sins of ' ' mundo' ' , instead of if satiating of these mundane and contrary pleasures the God, it has pleasure, yes, but if it frees to walk in sanctity and it makes what it pleases the God. – not together with ' ' galera of baguna' ' , that it is part of the wheel of escarnecedores, it moves away itself from the critics, of whom they try to become of likeable saying jokes ' ' pra there de' ' malicious, they jeer of the others and they are lingered in the joy of ' ' mundo' '. – it is not gathered with the ones that they criticize and if they disfaram of ' ' bonzinhos' ' , therefore when they are close to the person who they private lapidate are lisonjeiros with the mouth, but full of anger and hatred in the heart, they jeer of the others for the coasts and that it only has amusement with the joys of ' ' mundo' '. .