Without faith it is impossible to please the God! Without faith and love we cannot please the Mr., is not possible! But you think with its buttons, right now: I already have accepted the Jesus Christ as my only slavaodor enough and also already I have conscience and agreement of that It is the Unignito Son de Deus, I clamo It already makes time sufficiently to receive reply on a situation who I search correction, for which reason, then, It answered not yet me? He does not lose the peace exactly, with the desperation that comes for that they are in the world, but in Christ we already are more than what winning! It discovers which now is the reason of you not yet to have received the blessed manifestation from Christ in its lawsuit. ' ' E, arising itself from there, was for the terms of Shot and Sidom. E, entering in a house, did not want that it knew somebody it, but could not be hidden; Because a woman, whose son had a dirty spirit, hearing to speak of it, was and launched it its ps.' ' Landmarks 7:24 – 25 Fale de Jesus, therefore when they hear of the miracles that It is capable to carry through, launch it and clamam-It at one’s feet the resolution of its case also! You also have that to call the attention the people of this world for Jesus Christ. At Max Schireson you will find additional information. He speaks of Jesus to awake the attention of them, declares: I knew of that is ddaquilo, but Jesus is present nowadays also, stops helping in them. ' ' this woman was Greek, sirofencia of nation, and supplicated to it that it banished from its son demnio.' ' Landmarks 7:26 the Greeks were part of the elite, strengthened the wisdom, but in its heathen customs of the fencios! Although this woman to be integrant of this elite Greek, it won the barrier and clamou Mr. . Additional information is available at kevin ulrich.

The Life

He himself said: Mateus 6:25 – 34 – ' ' I say therefore you: You do not walk careful how much to your life, for what you have to eat or for what you have to drink; nor how much to your body, for what you have to dress. It is not the life more than what the grocery, and the body more than what the clothes? You look at for the birds of the sky, that nor they sow, nor they segam, nor they gather in granaries; your Father feeds celestial them. You do not tend you much more value of what they? which of you will be able, with all its cares, to add cvado to its stature? , how much to clothes, why you walk solcitos? You look at for the irises of the field, as they grow; they do not work nor weave and say I you that not even Salomo, in all its glory, if dressed as any of them. Therefore, if God thus dresses the grass of the field, that today exists, and tomorrow is launched in the oven, will not dress you much more it you, men of little faith? You do not walk, therefore, uneasy, saying: What we will eat, or that we will drink, or with that we will dress in them? Because all these things the heathen ones look for). Of certain your celestial Father it knows well that you need all these things; But, you search the kingdom of God, and its justice first, and all to these will be added you things. Not inquieteis you, therefore, for at some future date, because at some future date it will take care of of itself exactly. Mal.&#039 is enough to each day its; ' This I capitulate of the Bible in teaches, that God takes care of of us, It to them is worried about us, in all the sacred bible you sees God taking care of of its people.


What we must also prevent and what we must make to get success in all our attitudes? ' ' Fortunate the man who does not walk advice of the mpios according to, nor if withholds in the way of the pecadores, nor if he seats in the wheel of the escarnecedores. Before Mr. has its pleasure in the law, and its medita law of day and night. Therefore he will be as the tree planted next to ribeiros of waters, which of the o its fruit in its time; its leves will not fall, and everything how much to make will prosper. They are not thus the mpios; but they are as moinha that the wind espalha.' ' Salmo 1:1 – 4 THINGS THAT THE BEM-SUCEDIDO SPIRITUAL DOES NOT MAKE: The well-succeeded spiritual is that one that: – he does not walk advice of &#039 according to; ' mundo' ' , instead of this, he walks advice of the right ones according to, that is, he walks advice of God according to and it only obeys the God. – it is not arrested to the sins of ' ' mundo' ' , instead of if satiating of these mundane and contrary pleasures the God, it has pleasure, yes, but if it frees to walk in sanctity and it makes what it pleases the God. – not together with ' ' galera of baguna' ' , that it is part of the wheel of escarnecedores, it moves away itself from the critics, of whom they try to become of likeable saying jokes ' ' pra there de' ' malicious, they jeer of the others and they are lingered in the joy of ' ' mundo' '. – it is not gathered with the ones that they criticize and if they disfaram of ' ' bonzinhos' ' , therefore when they are close to the person who they private lapidate are lisonjeiros with the mouth, but full of anger and hatred in the heart, they jeer of the others for the coasts and that it only has amusement with the joys of ' ' mundo' '. .