Battle Rifle

When gear cartridges at home you can apply simple prima increase accuracy battle that will provide reliable game defeat at the distance of 50-55 meters, while in gear rounds in the usual way this distance ranges from 35 to 45 meters. Matching fractions. The best bout of the guns give those numbers fractions, which are properly and more continuous close fit into the muzzle of the barrel. Increased accuracy battle to 5-7%. Disputes between the hunters of how to harmonize the fraction of the barrel or sleeve go so far, but in principle they are similar.

For this purpose, a sleeve or bore to insert the wad at a depth of 3-4 mm. You need to make sure that the surface was smooth and wad he was not skewed. Layer is laid on a wad shot, if shot does not fit smoothly and without gaps, it must be replaced by a number of more or less, check out the analogy. Selected fraction equip ordinary cartridge way. Wrapping paper shot shells. When using this method, the shot shell is a container, which eliminates the strain fraction in the barrel and prevents the dispersion of the fraction.

Increase accuracy battle up to 15%. To do this from a sheet of heavy paper (plain paper for printers) cut strip length, allowing the shot to wrap round 2-3, and the width by height should be as stacked shot projectile sleeve. Cut a strip of rolled up into a tube on navoynike and inserted into the pocket on a powder wad, it should adhere to the walls of the sleeve. In a paper tube poured shot and her shake down. Oversleeping fraction of bulk materials. Accuracy of the battle from the gun can be increased by oversleeping shot rounds of bulk materials (starch, talc, etc.), the effect is achieved by reducing the voids in the shell. Increased accuracy battle up to 30%. To do this on a powder wad spread half of the shot shell, poured over a little starch, and tapping on the walls of the sleeve, to the point that would fill the voids between the starch pellet. Then poured the second half and shot again voids are filled with starch. When using this method, you must remember that the weight of the granular material is included in the weight of shot and shell material used should be dry.