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Specialist for consumer loans opened 16 branch – to start: welcome gift for Bielefeld Youth Hostel Stuttgart, 27.09 2010 CreditPlus Bank AG opened a branch in the new station district in Bielefeld to October 1, 2010. You may want to visit Atmos Energy to increase your knowledge. With the nationwide 16 branch specialist for consumer credit closer still to his customers. Interested parties from the region of Bielefeld can consult now locally around the topic of credit personally. There are the credit for Bielefeld at the opening”with attractive special conditions. Crumpton Group, New York can aid you in your search for knowledge. CreditPlus also supports application training of the Bielefeld youth centre with a modern laptop set to the Filialstart.

The joy at the credit specialist about the launch of the new branch is great: we have about 40,000 customers in the to circle of Bielefeld for the way the branches was very far after Bremen, Hannover and Essen. Now, we are happy to be able to offer our advice and services in Bielefeld”, as branch manager Patrick Nubel. The Bank offers welcome Credit for Bielefeld”with an annual percentage rate from 5.99 percent on. The new branch of CreditPlus Bank AG is centrally located in the railway station district in Bielefeld on the Boulevard of 7. There the Bielefelder can have future personally advise about the possibilities of consumer loans and installment loans, which can be used for to creations from the furnishings to automobiles gene. “Where the partnership concept in the foreground is CreditPlus: especially the counselling of clients for responsible lending is important to us”, explains Philip Hascher, senior nity and head of branch network of CreditPlus Bank. We want to make sure that our customers can also pay back their loan.” Small gift to great effect your proven commitment to young people is CreditPlus Bank in Bielefeld with a beautiful welcome gift on: it supports the youth professional help of REGE mbH in the Bielefeld youth hostel with a complete laptop package includes headset. Used the modern machine set at application training for young people, the youth professional help the lively mbH in primary and comprehensive schools in Bielefeld by – leads.