Hub Ant

Another difference between Hub Ant and hand trucks are transporting loads maximum. Small trucks can transport here slightly less because of the high stroke, as a simple pallet truck, so that the common small trucks have a load capacity of 1000 kg (manual hand electric forklift) or 1500 kg (some electric go forklifts). Trucks have often higher maximum loads, which can range up to 2500 kg. Overall, the advantage of lift trucks and hand trucks price compared to traditional forklifts is, but also in other areas, these transport devices are ideal. Hand forklifts and lifting Ant can operate on extremely small area, so that particularly in very tight situations a hub Ant or a high-lift truck is better suited than a normal truck. As well, you need a special driver’s license for the operation of fork – lift trucks or hand trucks. The truck pro shop is dealer for warehousing and transport devices in the enterprise. In the area of hand electric forklifts and forklift truck, the range was recently still greatly expanded to meet the growing customer demand for cheap and high-quality solution for internal storage and transport technology.

With comprehensive advice can be the optimal solution be found for almost every need. Contact: Forklift professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 fax: 02861/80 401 76 as a special provider for internal storage and transport technology, and forklift attachments and accessories includes our range everything still extends the functionality of a forklift truck. With our attachments, your forklift is a versatile all-rounder. We are a portion of the industry supplier DD pro shop, a traditional and dynamic companies in Borken, Germany. Through our many years of experience in the field of forklift attachments and accessories, as well as our technical Know-How we want to convince you of our products and services quickly and above all accurately. “Quality made in Germany”, a versatile and comprehensive range of products for fork – lift trucks from snow slides for professional winter service over tipping container, blades up to We carry a wide range of established brands work platforms, etc.

In addition to our core product range, we offer also a wide range in the area of environmental technology (e.g. collection trays), which optimally complemented our range. Not only standard products but also customer-specific special design according to your wishes are available with us and for an attractive price / performance ratio. We convince a very good selection, extensive and expert advice in conjunction with top quality at very attractive prices – so that for many years our customers.

Sweden QSL

New warehouse locations in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk creates shorter delivery distances and greater supply security Meyer quick service logistics with its new offices in Krasnodar and Novosibirsk. The two Multitemp camps are part of planned growth, striving for QSL in Russia for the next few years. Friedrichsdorf, July 31, 2013 – QSL of Krasnodar supplies since July quick-service restaurants in the South of Russia in the region between Rostov, Sochi and Krasnodar itself. The QSL customer Burger King will open in the medium term more restaurants in this area. Economic efficiency and environmental protection go hand in hand here”QSL Manager Florian Entrich explains the reasons for the opening.

The regional stock forms the basis for shorter distribution tours to the South Russian restaurants. So far, the local Burger King stores in the cross-docking procedures have been supplied. Another important strategic step is also achieved with the new location in Novosibirsk. From there, the Siberian stores will be from August of QSL customers supplied. Here we invest quite aware already before the commissioning of the first restaurant in additional infrastructure because with a cycle duration of shuttle transport is an adequate security of supply to reach otherwise,”explains Florian Entrich.

The new camp will serve as the hub for regional supply in the future. Because in the North Asian part of the Russian Federation, a particularly big growth step is planned for the next two years. We accompany our customers in building his increasingly more dense branch network”, Florian Entrich describes the background for the development of the own network. QSL full service logistics offers its customers in the foodservice in nine countries according to the principle of one-stop shopping. That the service provider uses Multitemp vehicles and warehouse locations nationwide. For more information see. Press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG Daniela Bappert Otto-Hahn-Strasse 11 61381 Czemins village phone: 06175 9345-0 Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG (QSL): the full supply of 1,300 quick service restaurants in Germany organized the Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG, Austria, Luxembourg, of Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, of Slovakia, and Russia. Its largest customers are Burger King and yum! Restaurants international. QSL is a sister company of Ludwig Meyer GmbH & co. KG. Established in 1949, specialist for fresh transport and food logistics is an owner-managed medium-sized company.

Office Assistant

How the travel expenses forms help you to save money will be needed explained, what forms and providers (software) by means of empirical examples for billing of travel expenses. Using the specified data the otherwise rather annoying travel expenses is done quickly and affects extrapolated porsitiv for accounting. Most people it’s a horror for me understandably: forms of travel expenses! We are honest, have an official form in the finger get ever, that you have understood immediately and quickly and easily fill that was? Not? Also, I may not. For this reason it is self-evident, that is manifested as long as possible the settlement of charges and costs incurred for professional travel. It similar to related legal expenses probably so with the annual tax return: it waits until there is no other way, inserts a night shift and brings it with many curses somehow behind it.

This is it often just a question of patience, these forms for the travel expenses. The sort, even if it’s boring, works mostly still. Alone the many receipts, you must not only collect, but also sort by date and type of expenditure. One wonders how the many notes and receipts only come here! This is followed by filling out and thus the correct problem. To a form, usually a thick manual, every field, every line, every comment in detail – and completely incomprehensible – explains heard for this reason. Alone these statements requires a manual itself.

Why do official statements have actually always so difficult to understand? The facts can you explain safe but also easy and must itself not not torment by abstruse circumlocutions and deal with words the average person has not yet heard his whole life. Probably the one who has someone, you simply pass a box of unsorted documents. A helpful person, who seemingly with stoic serenity dedicated to the mess, which more or less voluntarily to sort receipts, and cope even with the bureaucrat German and the legal costs of travel – and decreases the often tedious work of completing one. A friendly Office Assistant, an accountant, or sometimes the tax adviser can be such practical service providers.