Buenos Aires

It was a place charming and cozy, but Teresa was still saying that she didn’t want to leave his beloved Buenos Aires, nor their children and grandchildren. -Think about how wonderful that will be seeing us getting older together on the shores of the sea and these wonderful and tranquil beaches – said Daniel sweetly while watching her tenderly into the eyes – think in as you enjoy see run in them to your children and grandchildren whenever they come to visit you. You know that any of us economic condition is not so good to be able to give us the luxury of having this type of vacation often. Think when they grow and help us in the task of addressing the bar, which I am sure will love them. I wish could say the same for my grandchildren. Can you not imagine with that taste I would care for them for a month while their father take vacation as such! You don’t know that he would see them chasing on the beach while I shout: grandfather, come with us to the sea!.

Is that that is not possible in my case but in yours if. You should not stop thinking about it. You should not say no to this opportunity that gives you life. Teresa looked so excited with one three idea that was born of nothing and already were living it as a reality, which could not stop feeling overwhelmed by this spirit. Little by little in a few hours, was convinced that she would cease to love his children and grandchildren, or they forget his mother and grandmother because they were living a few miles of distance. Daniel did not cease to find positive things in the change. And he was accepting them naturally.

When they were of Zapallar, almost had closed the dealings with the owner of the bar. It just missing each to sell their property to have enough money to start the business, something that was very simple because in those moments, by a rare coincidence that Daniel ever I would have considered as such, but as part of what fate had him booked, buying and selling real estate was booming in Argentina. That was how the lives of the four began again, despite the fact that none of them had less than fifty years.