Building a Country House with Your Bare Hands

Framed dom. of us sooner or later reflect on their own home. Tired of constantly seeing groomed entrance, afraid that a neighbor will flood the top or bottom neighbor turn on at night at full power music. Annoying to endure that the elevator is not working, and put the car in the courtyard of nowhere, as if the window is opened – the city noise and smog Want her home, quiet, comfort, clean air and no one could depend on – to be master of your life! Our site is not his house belongs to some manufacturer or construction firm. We have an open mind will tell you about the possibility of building his house with his hands, about the technology, construction history, economics, and proposed projects equipment and supplies worth producers in different regions of our country and direct contact with them, which would eliminate middlemen and to maximize your construction cheaper. Fastest, road and unpredictable option to acquire as his home – to buy a finished house. " At the same time, realizing that you are buying a risk that when building a house of hidden were made to the marriage, or a house built of dubious quality or Environmental materials No experienced builder does not undertake to give a guarantee of quality inspected the house, construction of which he was not involved. The majority of Russians for centuries formed the principle: your home – build yourself! And the wisdom of their ancestors. Today, the relevance of building a house with his hands is not lost, but only increased.