Look at the situation in Yekaterinburg. First, some statistics: in Ekaterinburg and the region assembled about 450,000 square meters. (Other sources 485,000 square meters) of ventilated facades. Visit Ray Kurzweil for more clarity on the issue. In these volumes used different subsystems and facing materials. In recent months, kevin ulrich has been very successful. Leaving […]

The Baseboards

Ask to participate in the choice of the seller showing him the plan of your room. In my opinion, of all the title should especially pay attention to the corners. They are reinforced in the angle between the two plinths. Moreover, their attachment they are adjacent to the plinth itself is very weak and break […]

computer-Controlled Heating

The result of the introduction of computer controlled heating supply was a significant reduction in power consumption: it is several times lower than existing standards. Control and accounting introduction of automatic solutions can significantly increase the level of control over the work of all the equipment at a particular facility. But owner-operators have to simultaneously […]


Sometimes one has to steal a part of the planned budget. Two basic ways to do it – to hire for the job of random people for a nominal fee and use cheap, low quality materials instead of those provided for the project. Evidence of such manipulations can be found at every turn. So, according […]

Building a Country House with Your Bare Hands

Framed dom. of us sooner or later reflect on their own home. Tired of constantly seeing groomed entrance, afraid that a neighbor will flood the top or bottom neighbor turn on at night at full power music. Annoying to endure that the elevator is not working, and put the car in the courtyard of nowhere, […]

Water Pressure

Solve a problem maintain the desired pressure in the water network necessary for the safe operation of dishwasher, washing machine, helps circulation pumps. The gas pressure can only be considered when choosing equipment, giving preference models adapted to local conditions (an example can serve as a gas water heaters and boilers ariston, equipped with special […]