Before you perform any operations to repair or adjust the carburetor, you must define your brand and model. It is evident, however, many motorists are trying to adjust the carburetor, setting the wrong parameters, or acquire spare parts for the carburetor Nikki, when a car mounted the carburetor Hitachi. Calibration Carburetor often varies with the motor. Often design carburetor other changes occur, and some engines can be mounted carburetor that model and other manufacturers. Therefore, it is very important to correctly identify the type of carburetor and its technical characteristics.

Some of the details, which can identify the carburetor, given in the instructions that describe the appropriate carburetor. Unfortunately, the identification of Japanese carbs is very difficult. In some cases, the manufacturer's name appears on the carburetor of his body, a metal identification plate is often not used or may be lost. In addition, most carburetors manufactured by leading Japanese manufacturers, look very similar. If you can not determine the model of the carburetor, proceed as follows. Measure the size of the throttle body carb. Unlike European manufacturers Carburetor size of the throttle is rarely used to describe the model carburetor, but if possible, in this manual the size of the throttle there is a description of the model carburetor. For example, Nikki 30/34 21E304 denotes the two-chamber carburettor, which has a diameter throttle primary chamber is 30 mm and the diameter of the throttle valve of the secondary chamber is 34 mm. Look, is not applied if the manufacturer's name on the body carburetor.