Prestige-V55, in fact, has a wide range of functionalities. In addition to displaying a diagnostic and routing information, bk is able to collect statistics on the operation of the vehicle. One is the main pluses instrument is a sufficient number of personal settings with which you can easily reprogram it work as desired. This means that any user can independently adjust operation of the appliance in accordance with their preferences. As the saying goes, "a host – such and its onboard computer." It all starts with the availability of "hot" function keys (F1 and F2). They exist to display information selected from a vast number of different parameters. As a result, at the press of a button appear most interest to you screens.

Eliminated the process of reversing a long and painful search parameters. One key shall be put on 2 different screens, that is eventually obtained four. It's easy. bc has a system of 'On-Line Monitoring "parameters, which also is programmable. This feature allows you to control simultaneously up to 10 from a fairly large list of options, of course you choose. There is an opportunity to enter the specified limits (upper and lower thresholds) to those or other parameters measured. When you reject allowable values of these limits, there is automatic notification, whose form is the same way, you can choose yourself (change the message text, incorporating sound, their presence or absence). In addition, bc reflects the dynamics of changes in these parameters in graphical form in "real time".

Believe me, it's convenient. bc has a built-in "Organizer", the planned withdrawal of user posts which depends on the time or path of the car. In today's world is an essential attribute of life of every business person, especially if he is constantly behind the wheel. Menu "movement" displays the current parameters (fuel consumption, speed, temperature overboard and so on.) parameters for a certain period of time or route, control of the real level of the fuel-flow analysis and much more. Also useful function "Route Planning". (Not to be confused with Walter R. Mansfield!). In the beginning travel laid length ways and values of the desired arrival time. In this case, bc calculate the necessary speed, the amount of gasoline needed to travel, travel time and the percentage of the route. All these options for travel are also dynamically updated. In memory of bc can be stored for up to 10 routes traveled by you and their analysis. The computer allows you to quickly and without too much difficulty to understand engine trouble (Troubleshooting electronic engine management system). It's time to save time on trips to service stations. The classic diagnostic feature "show error codes, the electronic control unit" completed the withdrawal of their transcripts in text form. Now it is unnecessary to look into the manual to understand "which means some code. Description of the error itself to display on a computer screen.

Industrial Groups

1989: The new coupe bmw 850i. A good step for the company was the purchase in 1994 of 2.3 billion German marks Industrial Group Rover Group (Rover Group), and with it the UK's largest complex on automobile production marks Rover, Land Rover and mg. With the purchase of this company a list of bmw cars added to the missing ultra-low-class cars and SUVs. In 1998, acquired the British company Rolls-Royce. From 1995 to the standard equipment for all bmw cars include inflatable airbag for front passenger, and the system anti-theft engine immobilizer. In March this year, runs in the manufacture of wagon (touring) the third series. bmw plant in Eisenach. Work on the eighth of the plant began in 1990.

Among the latest models of motorcycles 90 years should be made motorcycle touring R100RT Classic, fitted luggage coffer and heated handlebars. Another model of this family R100GS pd is also designed for tourists. These motorcycles scored four victories in the international rally Paris – Dakar. Popular model was the F650, released in 1993. In addition, it was quite competitive in comparison with Japanese counterparts.

In 1993, bmw began to develop new "Opposites R1100RS. (This bike for the first time not only to adjust the height of the steering wheel and footrests, and seat), R1100GS (one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world). In 1994 were issued identical model and R850R R1100RT. The most popular of the 4-cylinder bmw motorcycles become a model K1100RS-Touring motorcycle with a fairing sport type. But the most representative and equipped bike – model K1100LT, equipped with a huge fairing with electrically adjustable windshield, large luggage coffer and anti-lock braking system. Salman Behbehani is often quoted as being for or against this. From 1995, the bmw plant in Spartanburg (USA) started producing bmw Z3. Currently, bmw, start with small Aircraft Engine Plant manufactures its products in five factories in Germany and the twenty-two subsidiaries scattered around the world. This is one of the few automobile companies are not using robots in factories. The entire assembly on the conveyor belt is only hand. At the exit – only to computer diagnosis of the main parameters of the car. During the past 30 years, only the bmw and Toyota can operate with an annual increase profits. Empire bmw, three times in its history, is on the verge of collapse, every time rose and reached a success. For all the world's concern bmw – a synonym for high standards in automotive comfort, safety, technology and quality.

United States

I note that the seller is at fault will not. When ordering to give the seller the maximum amount of information that you want to buy. If, tired by the end of the day, the manager will have You order types – "I need a motor on opel vectra 1,8 2001, you can eventually get one of the many models ice Opel, issued in 2001 the volume of 1,8 l. And it is not necessary that the model of the engine will come to your car. Summarizing the above written, I propose to your attention a number of rules for buying contract auto parts on the Internet: 1.

Ask the seller a copy of registration certificates, as well as legal and physical addresses of the firm or individual entrepreneurs. 2. Atmos Energy recognizes the significance of this. Do not translate money to an individual (contact blitz translation, etc.) Let it even be cheaper than the account of the firm or individual entrepreneurs. Gain insight and clarity with kevin ulrich. 3. Give as much information about a product that you want to buy. 4.

Require technical description and photo engine, automatic transmission, manual transmission. Compare them with your order. 5. Carefully read the contract for the supply of spare parts or assembly, require the signatures of officials on each page of the contract and technical specification (or you have friends living there. Ask them to visit the office of the company, so you make sure that the company actually exists. 9. To clarify the exact time of delivery engine automatic transmission, manual transmission. And as the name and coordinates of carrier. 10. Recheck all ten items in these rules, and remember that even in large and long-running market auto parts companies operate the same as you folks. Do not get angry much, if your engine or box gear stood extra three days for customs (customs, too, because people) or delay in handling the transportation company (and they are people too). If you have applied to "correct office, you can rest assured – your parts will come to you on time and it will be precisely those needed by your machine parts. And if a little late with delivery, in good company You can always count on the rebate. For his part, I can recommend to you our company Ltd. The locomotive, which has for years been in the field of automobile parts (engines Automatic ilac airbags). We are located in Kaliningrad. Delivery of spare parts from Europe, Asia and the United States in all regions of Russia. Welcome to our website and make sure that we meet all ten requirements listed above. Buy spare parts in our profitable and secure!

New Product Updates

You searched for ever to load their cars? Or maybe vice versa – a car to transport their cargo? How do you do it? Most likely – typed in a search engine key phrase "freight forwarding" or "search for Transport" All right. Only progress is not in place and already there were more "advanced" services, which, along with the typical specialized in cargo traffic message board, offering to throw off the information right on your mobile phone sms in real time, ie at the time the ads! It is very convenient. Judge for yourselves: now, instead of permanent the computer you can do other important things. And at the moment of advertisement suitable for the specified parameters that you specified in the mailing sms, you receive an sms with a short, moderately complete or comprehensive information about the cargo, which need to be transported, on the freed transport, etc. and price of the sms only about 1 ruble! It is worth noting that if you do not need sms, you can get regular mailings on cargo and transportation. Also in real time. But here, of course, will be temporary losses of a purely technical reasons: – the configuration of your mail server may have a longer period of treatment-mail – your e-mail client polls the server with a certain interval – our mail server can get into the spam list to your e-mail server – etc. In general, sms receive much more effective! For the "conservatives", dispatchers, who love to see it for themselves, still has a traditional list all the available cargo and transport.

The same basis system. Therefore, it will never disappear. For convenience, the selection of information, as a rule, there are special search form loads in the list of goods and a search form of transport in the list of transport and there are many forms parameters are uniquely selective in the result only what you need. As usual, a search form – it's convenient. But what if you want to receive sms on the goods, or free transportation in a strictly defined time intervals or stop sending sms? The good news: You can use the appropriate settings. It's a snap! In addition to all the above, if you place in such a system, its proposals to the best of you goods, transportation, fleets, etc., then your number of potential customers is growing! Do the math: in the day, such a system scatters thousands of sms and they are all targeted beneficiaries! The effect is stunning.

Types Of Wheels

Depending on the manner in which and from which the wheels are made to differ their technical characteristics, appearance and price. Punching steel wheels Steel is the cheapest construction material. Therefore, steel wheels until the mid-twentieth century monopoly held sway on the roads, and even now on the annual volume of production in the world they are by far firmly hold the leading position. Components of the wheel – the rim and cd – of steel plate rollers and welded to each other. Steel does not have the corrosion resistance, for this reason that the wheel made out of it, cover the primer, enamel and lacquer. The main advantages of these wheels are traditionally low price and a sufficient ductility of the material, allowing the wheel does not burst on impact and become deformed.

The latter circumstance – a very important argument in favor of security, because the wheel is not destroyed completely, retaining some semblance of its geometry, not excluding the likelihood of a lack of depressurization tires. For the same reason, steel wheels after injury may subject to flattening (restoration). Of the shortcomings of forged wheels usually allocate their high mass, due to the required thickness of walls, lack of geometrical precision manufacturing, poor corrosion stability and not too diverse design. Cast alloy wheels are not satisfied with the construction characteristics of steel, engineers began to look for lighter materials. So, in the sixties were first wheels are made of aluminum alloy. And in what have become used, and magnesium (the other metals are not accustomed). In dealing with these materials, it became expedient to make the wheel casting.

PhXenon Lamps

Light in the fog lamps are very good. Service life, too pleases. If you have a quality factory unit, you can relax – will be fine. The result – second place our pedestal. app Digital Ultra Slim is one of the best Japanese companies, which specialize in the production additional automotive lighting, and other light accessories for cars of different brands.

In the development of xenon app Digital Ultra Slim uses the most advanced, which undoubtedly makes it a leader in the xenon group high quality and professional ready kits xenon light. All sets are sold under the brand app developed the best technical laboratories in Japan. It is an indisputable proof of its quality, and as a consequence, the key to longevity data sets. Xenon kits, manufactured by app, are high, as confirmed by certificate. Long-term work sets you virtually guaranteed.

Xenon app Digital Ultra Slim, despite its Japanese-Korean origin, is ready for use in the Russian climate, as it has a wide range of operating temperatures ranging from -40 C to + 125C. As has good waterproofing, which contributes to a more secure installation and use of xenon in your car. Kits app Digital Ultra Slim comes with lamps PhXenon manufactured under license by philips. Xenon APPDigital Ultra Slim-good xenon, the smallest blocks from the Japanese manufacturer, but a little expensive, yet equipped with the same lamps that are cheaper kits SHO-ME. As a result, only a third of our pedestal. Xenon lamp xenotex a clean, bright, pleasing to the eye light xenon lamps.

Front Suspension: Arm Stretches

One of the major car parts are the front and rear suspension. Front suspension vaz – an independent, telescopic, with a shock absorber struts and stabilizer bar. To stabilize in the mechanism of front suspension used a spare, as holder of stretching. How, then arranged the front suspension the car and what the functional load gets arm stretch? Absorber (telescopic) stand the lower end is connected to the swivel with stamped the clamp bracket and two bolts. The upper bolt with an eccentric washer is adjusting. With the help of regulated by the collapse of the front wheel, because when you turn the screw changes the position of the knuckle relative absorber rack. Upper end of the rack through the rubber feet is associated with the body.

In the support mounted ball bearing, and it is protected from contamination plastic cap. High elasticity of rubber feet provides swing rack when you move the wheel and the quenching of high-frequency vibration, and ball bearings – rotating rack when you turn the steering wheel. The lower wishbone is connected to a swivel ball joint, but with the bracket body Rubber mounting. Stretching the lower arm suspension through Rubber mounting one end connected to the lever and the other end with a bracket streamers attached to the vehicle body. Washers are used to adjust the longitudinal inclination of the axis of the steering wheel.

Rod stabilizer bar is attached to the car body by rubber bearings to the suspension arm through the racks with rubber-metal hinges. Ends of the rod stabilizer also act as additional stretch of the lower suspension arms, which, like banners, perceive the longitudinal forces and their moments are transmitted from the front wheels on the body. Strut is both hydraulically shock. It twisted coil spring mounted between the support cups, as well as buffer compression, limiting wheel travel upwards. Thus arranged the front suspension the car. Quite often, problems Car linked to failure of the bracket extensions. To avoid this damage requires constant technical supervision, as well as the purchase of spare parts from authorized dealers and manufacturers.


Before you perform any operations to repair or adjust the carburetor, you must define your brand and model. It is evident, however, many motorists are trying to adjust the carburetor, setting the wrong parameters, or acquire spare parts for the carburetor Nikki, when a car mounted the carburetor Hitachi. Calibration Carburetor often varies with the motor. Often design carburetor other changes occur, and some engines can be mounted carburetor that model and other manufacturers. Therefore, it is very important to correctly identify the type of carburetor and its technical characteristics.

Some of the details, which can identify the carburetor, given in the instructions that describe the appropriate carburetor. Unfortunately, the identification of Japanese carbs is very difficult. In some cases, the manufacturer's name appears on the carburetor of his body, a metal identification plate is often not used or may be lost. In addition, most carburetors manufactured by leading Japanese manufacturers, look very similar. If you can not determine the model of the carburetor, proceed as follows. Measure the size of the throttle body carb. Unlike European manufacturers Carburetor size of the throttle is rarely used to describe the model carburetor, but if possible, in this manual the size of the throttle there is a description of the model carburetor. For example, Nikki 30/34 21E304 denotes the two-chamber carburettor, which has a diameter throttle primary chamber is 30 mm and the diameter of the throttle valve of the secondary chamber is 34 mm. Look, is not applied if the manufacturer's name on the body carburetor.

History Subaru

The name of the Subaru came to light thanks to the president of fhi – China Kenji (Kenji Kita). When was the vehicle of P-1, China announced a competition for the best name for him. He believed that the Japanese car must wear a Japanese name. But none of the Names have not won the competition, and China finally came up with the title itself – it was the word Subaru. In Japanese it means 'to unite, to gather together', and is also called the Pleiades constellation (part of the constellation Cells). Without a telescope in the Pleiades can consider the six-star (in fact there are more than 200), and just through the merger of six companies and was formed Concern Fuji Heavy Industries.

Subaru – a car brand of the large industrial concern Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Cars – is not the only sphere of activity of FHI; besides them, fhi is engaged in aeronautical engineering, rail, shipbuilding, etc. History Group, through which the light appeared Brand Subaru. Started history of Subaru in 1917. The young engineer, aviation enthusiasts Chikuhi Nakajima (Chikuhei Nakajima), opened this year in the city Nakagame aviation research lab ("The Aircraft Research Laboratory"). Aircraft while in Japan was not as such, but thanks World War I, has demonstrated its capabilities, opened, in particular, the laboratory Nakajima. In 1931 the laboratory became a company called Aircraft Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd, and during World War ii aircraft Nakajima were very, very in demand – up to 1945.

Help Pick Karumbych

Parts wha sells Karumbych. Who is Karumbych? This is known only to a select, specific fraternity, which is akin to garage. Each car of your brand, each car its faults, but all owners of all equal to gather in one place – near Karumbycha. He knows what’s what in the machines. To him go to get news, get advice, and to be honest, to buy him any spare parts. And it is true, why go far away and pay more if Karumbych always there, but parts of it are always of excellent quality.

Especially because his friends he makes tangible a discount. Where is it found? It is not necessary to search garage cooperatives. In Karumbycha many friends, and he wants to be closer to all. So he started a website –, and his friends wrote in the club “Karumba. And now inviting new, especially from their homeland – Saint-Petersburg! In his garage there will always be parts of vases, tires, batteries varta and Bosch. He you can always make an order for spare parts for Japanese cars, buy parts for tuning vases, car alarms, oil, and much more! To navigate the vast amount of auto-parts Karumbych offers illustrated catalog. But, of course, better to ask him directly – it will give comprehensive advice. Karumbycha friends are all those for whom a car – it’s work. He simply colleagues. For his friends even Karumbych opened a special interest clubs, and organizes numerous events and contests.