Cart Hardware

Good day dear readers. It so happened that recently I visited a supermarket in the computer NICS in Moscow. Frankly I do not often come across with him, because I prefer some other shops selling computers and their accessories, but he knew that such a supermarket and the prices are quite high in it and therefore as something to keep him from the party but a series of circumstances forced me to visit was his last. I suggest you read my little review of this supermarket. Here we go: * Supermarket obviously far away is the subway. For car owners – it's not terrible, but most people in our big cities are still enjoys Metro * No more uncomfortable and, sorry, krivorukost than the price list, which is located on the site of the supermarket is simply impossible to imagine. Well still at home, but it is necessary to use a terminal in the store. He is completely darling, made ridiculous list of one color, with prices in dollars, without the possibility of a normal sort, and just after striving to ruffle all that is possible.

Even assuming that you wanted to Cart Hardware, suddenly turns out that to order the assembly of these components must perenayti them in all directory and perenadobavlyat to cart again. * Not only that prices are in U.S. dollars, so they are still much higher than price level in the same USN Computers. Sunrise, prices, I do not say anything. Dollar exchange rate in the company to find a price list is impossible. * Staff, to say the young, but that is not the age thing – these people are sitting at their computers can not validly communicate. That there is only an expression, expressed simply stunning with a malicious and self-conceit of himself: "You collect your computer? Normally at least collected, or do I have to check behind you? "* Terminals are located directly on the stand, ie, always someone moves you left and right, to see standing on the bottom shelf in a supermarket selling a computer.

* Killed inability to see the power of attorney form for legal entity on their own website for their own standing terminal. Click on the link to an example of the form, click to open and .. Get "Access Denied" * Price assemblies plunged into shock. Ask $ 70 for the assembly already selected my components – is the height of arrogance. I can even understand $ 10, well, $ 15, but $ 70 .. In connection with the all of the above I would strongly not recommend you to visit this supermarket. A waste of money, time, nerves and energy. Where better to do it and why I recommend you to read on my site, but it is here