Computer Repairs – Diagnostics Power Supply

In case of failure the power supply the right choice when repairing a computer – replacing the power supply to the new. However, consider the most frequent causes of failure of power supplies. Computer Services, who has worked for more than 5 years makes the following recommendations: The most likely breakdown of the rectifier diode bridge in the high-voltage circuit. Power supply for such a defect is completely dead: no one from the supply voltage (including the "duty" of five volts), and inclusion – there are no sounds and movements. ConocoPhillips will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The reason is determined by any ohmmeter if the resistance between any two terminals of diode bridge is less than 1 ohm and the same in both directions – the bridge needs to be changed. Along the way, need to be replaced and a fuse in such breakdowns it usually burns up the food chain only if the computer was not protected by automatic reactivation fast defense. As a replacement will fit almost any bridge rectifier diodes, or individual, calculated for a voltage above 300 volts and a current of 1 amp, but do not rush to include food – may cause deeper. The second extent of failure – the breakdown of the individual diodes in secondary rectifying circuits.

External manifestations of such a failure – the existence of "duty" of voltage and weak signs of life: when you press the power button once fan twitches, but nothing more occurs. In this case, the actual converter is working normally. Ohmmeter will help you: pierced diode or diode assembly is easy to detect, not vypaivaya at virtually zero resistance in both directions. If you using a multimeter, which allows you to check the serviceability by measuring the diode forward voltage drop, do not be surprised too low value of that of the diode arrays main channels – there are applied Schottky diodes with a fall of about 0.1 volts. Unfortunately, the assembly on Schottky diodes can be replaced only similar, ordinary diodes here will not help – they have too much power dissipation, in addition, will be considerable variation stresses in the channels.

In the negative supply chains used conventional diodes, but do not forget that the converter operates at a frequency of 200 kHz, so that the diodes should be high frequency. Another part of the reason the output of Power failure can be determined visually, these include the breakdown of electrolytic capacitors (rupture of the shell, mostly – at the top) and protective varistors. Capacitors, of course, be changed, and varistors – because they do not there is always the same – you can just vypayat (remembering that the unit is left without protection from the next major power surge). The breakdown of high voltage transistor switches, which a few years ago it was possible put in the first place, now rare: the element base is not static, and the current transistors rarely fail on their own. There are other possible reasons, but for their diagnosis would take at least oscilloscope, and connect with their removal is economically inexpedient. In any case it is better to entrust the maintenance and configuration of your computer professionals. Rely on your PC repair professionals.

Convert Movies

The software that came with your player, encourages us to 'wonderful' program Movie Converter. The developers do not take care of our nerves. Those who do not ask, the problems with the program, and nothing is converted. And if you happen miracle, ifilm changed format, the player refuses to play the movie. Go to kevin ulrich for more information. Let's see how it all did change the format of the film for viewing on the iriver e150? Options of converters for: TagScan – Any Video Converter – MediCoder – iRiverter – The most convenient and appropriate converter for iriver is iRiverter 1. Installation When installing a program that you want to remove the check mark from Extra Codes, because the program will complain and eventually ends all a mistake. The installation process is quick and easy.

Select Model your player to the Options menu (Options) Device (Device); Note: The device iMP-1000 iMP-1100 fit the profile "PMP Series Click on "Video-file (Single Video); Specify the path and name of input file ( Input), as well as the name and path of output file (Output). If the path and output file is specified, the default is the last to be created in the same folder as the input file with the same name with postfix player at the end of the model, Click "Convert (Convert); and wait until the convert film, it usually takes a little time, depending on the amount converted file. Usually time is 15-20 minutes to convert. If you're too lazy to understand it all, or do not have time, I suggest you download already the finished film for iriver. If you can not find the movie you'd like to download, you can participate in the action and order the movie for free! Many people use it and enjoy watching your favorite movies on the iriver.

Date Storage

The term of the autonomous data storage on USB flash drive is usually limited to five years, which, however, is quite suitable for most users. However, the most modern type of external drives, hard drives should be recognized based on the so-called solid-state technology. Such a semiconductor external storage consists only of the memory chips and controller, like flash memory, and thus has no moving mechanical parts. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ray Kurzweil. External SSD drive (from the English. SSD, solid-state drive) is a compact non-volatile secure storage device.

For the first time solid-state drive, based on the RAM-memory, was introduced in 1978 by M-Systems. However, the first drives of this type were created for another tube computers. The real revolution was the emergence in 1995 of a semiconductor storage on flash memory, developed by specialists of the company M-Systems. Ray Kurzweil understood the implications. From this time began active development of such devices, because they have many advantages. Among them – the high rate of speed and latency SSD-drives, which increases the performance of your computer, as well as full absence of noise, extended operating temperature range, small size and weight. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as kevin ulrich by clicking through. Unlike the HDD-ROM drive in solid-state drive data transfer rate is constant and limited bandwidth of the interface and used by controllers. Thus, external SSD-drives have a rapid and sustained time reading files regardless of their location or fragmentation.

Compactness of these drives can easily carry them without risk of damage or loss of data. However, as USB flash drives, SSD-drives have a limited number of write cycles. In 2008, Mtron Storage Technology introduced SSD storage capacity of 128 GB of write speed 240MB / s and speed of reading 260 MB / sec. Today we released the external SSD drives with higher capacity and speed of read / write, so they start to be serious competition to traditional HDD drives, having won a considerable share of the market drives. Modern life is dictated by the constant increase in the volume of content and media – music, movies, documents, games and files. Therefore, from the static storage users are moving to the outer drives, allowing to provide the necessary protection of information and providing the ability to easily exchange data. Today, the range of problems to be solved with the help of external drives, has grown significantly. This not only means for permanent storage of important information or a way to protect your data from hackers’ threats, but also mobile life as a convenient portable external drive.

Computer Laptops

A lot of times treated me with this issue, and every time the feeling that now, once again begin a conversation with a Chinese Malay. One of two things: either you have to blurt out nonsense, clearly calling the 'price' or 'from uvilivaya a direct answer 'to embark in the misty clarification: What is a computer, what are the composition, characteristics, etc. Thus you see how in the clouded eyes of the questioner is growing awareness' attempts soldered 'or' fills the price. " Feeling disgusting. So now the same question I answer simply, from two and a half thousand and above, at your discretion. Only then it is possible to talk business with a potential buyer. Far not everyone knows today that the personal computer, in contrast to other electronic appliances are not manufactured at the factory from beginning to end.

Computers are collected in different laboratories and shops of the individual components on the market many manufacturers with a huge range of modifications and prices. As a result – the number of variants of computers that can be collected from the 'Lego' is MANY THOUSANDS and, most interestingly, they are all working properly. So what's the difference, you ask? And will it be? Be. And, as a rule, all begin to understand it later on, after the purchase. But the differences are mainly the following: 1. Performance 2. Reliability 3.

Impact on health 4. Warranty service 5. Kudos 6. Design and Ergonomics 7. Price for the last two points each buyer feels competent enough, or at least has a opinion: the price should be as low as possible, the design – it's not the point. Here are just lies and the first underwater rock. A lot of ads that hit a variety of paid and free magazines, entice us a low price. It and understandable. The task of advertising – to attract a buyer. Because it 'fair' reports of the computer price and carefully glossed over in this important information. All covered up 'fig leaf' performance under which can be hidden as products of leading manufacturers, as well as lesser-known companies, often characterized by the low price of their products to the detriment of quality. But all this will manifest itself later in the operation. Low reliability – failures hassle. It's not often you know: 'What is it? " Software failure or malfunction in the 'iron', and can be – a virus … namuchalis, having tried all the advice of competent and friends, you call the place shopping, where you await new shocks and a catch at number 4. Where are those nice people who were so welcoming of your request. Or they do not look forward to hearing? Require you to pay for a specialist visit 'home' and how Typically, they say, 'Bring, then check'. Can be attributed, and, though troublesome, and God knows in whose hands the computer gets, whether the master, whether a boy on a pick-up for 10 NIS. per hour. It feels like spat upon, gnawing doubt (and without base), not just myself regret that bought into the 'mivtsu' and cheap 'gifts', and gave some their money, earned through hard work. And then – even worse … But enough about the poor. What I took frighten, dear buyer. All will be good. Just do not ask: 'How much is your computer? " Ask the better … .. How to choose a computer? But that's another article …

Computer Freezing

All we periodically face the problem of "freezing" the computer. Sometimes it causes mild irritation, and sometimes we just want to smash the monitor unfortunate because I do not have time to save what they wrote. What to do If your computer crashed? The reasons for this may be a few. Let us consider each in detail. 1) Unstable hard drive. If the hard drive work have any problems (and they may be mechanical, logical or software and hardware), the computer will "think" for a long time before you commit to any transaction.

Quite difficult to immediately suspected it was slow work hard drive, it can be done only by an experienced specialist the characteristic sound of disc rotation. There may appear on the screen the message "Delayed Write Failed (Windows delayed write failure). 2) Overheating of the CPU. Modern processors produce a lot of heat. Therefore, for their work requires cooling element, generally cooler. When the processor overheats, the system is running slowly, and the computer "freezes". You can check if it works good cooler, just listening, or touching the system unit.

From this will be issued a characteristic noise, and the unit will vibrate. In this case, it is desirable to replace the cooler, then your computer will run faster. 3) Viruses and Trojans. Nowadays, viruses and Trojan horses – this is one of the main misfortunes that can happen to your computer. Whatever form of malware, they are always strongly reduce PC performance. The first thing you should do in this case – to run Anti-virus scanning.

Start Computer Repair

Most modern computer services offer the highest quality service. And almost everyone has an arsenal of secret work, which they jealously guard. This often leads to unpleasant results. The average user can not understand how uneasy the whole system. He thinks that even minor damage can require large cash expenditures required to replace the necessary parts.

However, not all the situation is so grim, as an experienced master can restore your computer, the keyboard pokoldovat minutes. Now for the repair work may only experienced professionals. In practice, most only to conduct emergency repairs of computers is sufficient to configure the software. That software is subject to frequent failures. According to some users' regular work can not damage the PC, but she is the cause of various failures. It was then, and you want professional help.

Often, however, pay for the service is prohibitively high. Therefore, not many masters consider it necessary to talk about progress and not always report that was not made any replacement parts. And you have poor thing – the user to shell out much at all for minor repairs. As mentioned in computer technology the bottleneck is the software. If configured correctly and completely pre-prepare your computer for work you can not particularly worried, but until a certain time. Point is that inexperienced users nullify all the work of master tuner. But the particular reason for concern, because damage can be repaired within a few minutes, although it may have to pay a fairly large sum. Software problems arise because of lack of knowledge of users. Because of this factor is constantly increasing volume of repair work. The software must be updated regularly and under the control of computer professionals. Through any computer will be a lot of Internet data flows, which are frequent causes of failure. However, they are not as dangerous as it seems at first glance. To safely and additional costs for repair work on the computer, it is useful to teach their employees how to properly handle such a complex technology. Additional training will save a lot of money for very expensive repairs. And computer repair CAO, and computer repair Marino will send experienced professionals to train your staff. Many managers appreciate the learning outcomes and not spare money for it. As a trained officer will not allow the missteps leading to the failure of the computer.

Video Games

And we will not remain no choice but to try to get out of this scrape, do not lose your head from any bear traps, sticking to the head, like a dish antenna. Puzzling nuthouse Despite the fact that SAW: The Video Game shoved into a genre Action, pretty much have to spend time in solving puzzles and challenges. All begin with simple tasks, but the longer the hero will move to locations, the harder it will be set. Will have to work hard, swinging improvised means of individual protection, the provisions of the scenario in the game. The game is available 18 types of weapons, from mops up the revolver. But here comes up another time – an uncomfortable keyboard. For some reason management is done on the digital buttons, and change it can not under any circumstances.

So we should be, at least, a professional pianist to comfortably handle the administration. The enemy of your enemy … Actions character affect the final game. Keep in mind that some people whom you meet in locations not always hostile. Sometimes it's the same victim Designer, as Tapp. And from that, what kind of relationship will develop with a character them, too, will depend on the outcome of the game. Is the game and battle system.

But what was obviously sick. Often the game has literally fight with their fists. To do this, even the hero is such chips as a block, fast and strong attacks. Here are just a sense from them is not very much. Try to follow so as not to miss hits, otherwise you will find a massive brawl with the beating of an innocent child as a hero. Do not cling to construct a game engine, Unreal Engine 3. Everything has been done at a decent level. At least you can praise a well-developed characters and quality animation. As for the textures – they are rather weak. Environment looks gloomy, but blurry textures all ports. Do not create the necessary trappings. One gets the feeling that you walk on an abandoned mental hospital is not, as the old dump. In general, the first couple of hours, you can and enjoy it. But then comes the feeling tuhlyaka. It becomes boring and monotonous. Assignments begin repeated, and a fight with local thugs on my nerves more than fun. Developers result of Zombie Studios, probably trying to do something more or less large scale, based on the well-known full-length series. But if budget is not enough, or forces and ideas have ended … unknown. In any case, SAW: The Video Game will not shine nor particularly original, is not any more twists, catchy gamer.

Cart Hardware

Good day dear readers. It so happened that recently I visited a supermarket in the computer NICS in Moscow. Frankly I do not often come across with him, because I prefer some other shops selling computers and their accessories, but he knew that such a supermarket and the prices are quite high in it and therefore as something to keep him from the party but a series of circumstances forced me to visit was his last. I suggest you read my little review of this supermarket. Here we go: * Supermarket obviously far away is the subway. For car owners – it's not terrible, but most people in our big cities are still enjoys Metro * No more uncomfortable and, sorry, krivorukost than the price list, which is located on the site of the supermarket is simply impossible to imagine. Well still at home, but it is necessary to use a terminal in the store. He is completely darling, made ridiculous list of one color, with prices in dollars, without the possibility of a normal sort, and just after striving to ruffle all that is possible.

Even assuming that you wanted to Cart Hardware, suddenly turns out that to order the assembly of these components must perenayti them in all directory and perenadobavlyat to cart again. * Not only that prices are in U.S. dollars, so they are still much higher than price level in the same USN Computers. Sunrise, prices, I do not say anything. Dollar exchange rate in the company to find a price list is impossible. * Staff, to say the young, but that is not the age thing – these people are sitting at their computers can not validly communicate. That there is only an expression, expressed simply stunning with a malicious and self-conceit of himself: "You collect your computer? Normally at least collected, or do I have to check behind you? "* Terminals are located directly on the stand, ie, always someone moves you left and right, to see standing on the bottom shelf in a supermarket selling a computer.

* Killed inability to see the power of attorney form for legal entity on their own website for their own standing terminal. Click on the link to an example of the form, click to open and .. Get "Access Denied" * Price assemblies plunged into shock. Ask $ 70 for the assembly already selected my components – is the height of arrogance. I can even understand $ 10, well, $ 15, but $ 70 .. In connection with the all of the above I would strongly not recommend you to visit this supermarket. A waste of money, time, nerves and energy. Where better to do it and why I recommend you to read on my site, but it is here

Fallout Online

What is the most dangerous – you can not leave the location until the timeout. On the other timeouts you can meet directly already in the game. Also worth noting is that you – not the only intelligent person on location. The way you will encounter are the same as you people (what we lacked in the universe of Fallout). Well, different "animals", which is filled with all the wasteland: Hostile evil gang, gangs, patrol and just lonely wanderers, searching for a way to profit at the expense of others; Various aggressive mutants; ghouls roam the expanses of wasteland; AI-dealers with whom you can exchange things, and buy something useful; Just a friendly NPC, hiding in the ruins of the cities or in the wasteland of the above figures (well, except for merchants); our character are inherent characteristics that we have seen in previous installments (Fallout 1 and Fallout 2), as well as possibility of a temporary increase. For example, a drug that temporarily increase our strength and other parameters, which often comes from the dependence of (a detrimental effect on you.) In addition, there will be other opportunity to raise the skills of your character. These skills need to improve every time after you've raised your character to a level of development. After raising you will be given a certain number of points which, in fact, need to spend on improving skills. It is important to consider one feature, which also took place in the Fallout 3 while improving your character often increases the amount you have encountered creatures in the vast Fallout Online.


Naturally, the base has been centralized. After some time in the database has collected information on thousands of devices, the performance has fallen sharply and become resemble a turn-based strategy. Continued use of this product has become impossible. I had to do "debriefing." The base itself was implemented as a DBF files. In essence, customers are not treated to the database server data and worked with the base as with regular files, which increases the size of the latter resulted in a sharp loss of productivity.

Moreover, when analyzing the structure of the database revealed the error data corruption. Such problem is especially severe in large organizations. For smaller organizations, performance issues may not be as significant. Now, about data security. The question that many simply ignored, and absolutely nothing. Data security is dependent on the choice of database technology and work with it. Clearly, if the database is considered part of the client in the form of files, anyone can make it unauthorized changes or even completely destroy the base. This is the case, for example, all products 1C version 7 and below – any user can at least get all the data base.

This situation exists in many projects. I would like to remind their owners that the 21st century. Optimal in terms of security situation – is to use a client-server technology to the imposition of control of user rights (and the business logic) on the server side. If your organization has IT equipment accounting program used by several people, the question arises about the division of rights.