To establish relation with the patient who feels pain; to teach to the patient the reply of pain; to deal with other people who are in contact with the patient; to supply other sensorial impulses; to promote rest and relaxation; to use imagined analgesia; to diminish the harmful stimulatons; to use another professional aid; to remain with the patient; to explain that the source of harmful stimulatons was removed or diminished and to assist in assimilation of the experience with pain. The evaluations must carried through and registered systematically they can contribute for the improvement of the handling of the painful phenomenon. The use of standardized instruments to mensurar and to evaluate the characteristics of pain is strategies accomplishes for combat of this .7 In its Bud studies they confirm that the Nursing and the team of health need to carry through changes to work with people, respecting the cultural, local especificidades and the diversity. It still needs to search explanations, to understand, to interpret the diversity of manifestations regarding pain to elucidate the agreement of the focus and to influence the practical professional. 8 Nascimento and Kreling had analyzed the implantation of the evaluation of pain as fifth vital signal in a hospital school, through quantitative research with 188 technician and nurse aid. They had concluded that the inclusion of pain as fifth vital signal was accepted for the nursing professionals and had standed out necessity of the performance of the nurse in the supervision and treatment, beyond the readequao of the scale of mensurao of pain..