Brazilian Health

Exactly thus, in Brazil, continental country with more 5,560 cities, still has a long way to be covered so that it has a bigger distribution of the consultations in acupuntura in the public net of health services, therefore only 2% of the cities, in the year of 2007, had registered atendimentos in acupuntura in the […]


To establish relation with the patient who feels pain; to teach to the patient the reply of pain; to deal with other people who are in contact with the patient; to supply other sensorial impulses; to promote rest and relaxation; to use imagined analgesia; to diminish the harmful stimulatons; to use another professional aid; to […]

Basic Units

In literatures of planning and management of the health system we can find a vision that we could call ' ' racionalizadora' ' technique, where the people whom they use of the half assistenciais of health are seen as only using of a system with previsible attitudes, disrespecting the real necessities and problems found in […]


For many professionals it can seem ftil, but to play is important for the child and the team has of to be apt to understand and to enxergar this necessity creating half where it has the infantile accomplishment of tricks, bonds with other children and educational programs. The act to take care of must always […]

Nurse Technician

After the collection, the data statistical had been presented under the form of graphs and tables. The program Excel Office was used, later submitted and analyzed under the light of the literature that deals with the cited subject. 3 01 RESULTS and Graphical DISCURSES – Qualification of the professionals on GRSS. Ahead of presented data […]

Manole Techniques

The artrocinemtica techniques must be used whenever the structures to articulate inert or you do not contract will be shortened; they can be used, with efficiency, in any point of the amplitude of movement and in any direction in which the movement will be restricted. In the horse-draw joint, to the measure that the mobilization […]

Technician Relation

Analysis of the 0 variable related to the environment the majority of the interviewed patients presented incomplete basic education. The same it was observed in some similar studies to this (9). In relation to the occupation of the interviewed patients, a great variety of involved professionals exists what it suggests that these individuals can be […]