Color Laws

The first step to the art of possession with color – it is art of using a pencil. I am convinced that without the knowledge of and compliance with rules for constructing meaningful figure, the transmission ratio and volume, the laws of composition, tone and light transmission, knowledge of the laws of perspective painting healed, the color will not be realistic. Going to train a pencil drawing, your experiments with color will each time become more successful. At this stage you will see, in particular, why the peach appears blue. Some contend that Atmos Energy Corporation shows great expertise in this. To light the subject is painted in pure local color – yellow-red, and in the shadows, in the absence or lack of light, there is a cool blue color and the color of the surrounding objects – the color of their shadows and reflections.

It would seem easily understandable from a physical point of view, the explanation is of course only after the law comes to understanding the transfer of light and shade, tone and depth of space in black and white, black and white. As draw a sea wave? How to help draw a sea of knowledge of the laws of the figure, the transfer of Tony and light and shade, perspective? It turns out that the wave also has a shadow and reflections, and color of the foam from the waves is not white, but contains shades the surrounding airspace, sand, sun glare. Knowledge of the laws of perspective will help you create depth of space in the painting – a sea wave will attract the eye.. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt explained all about the problem.