Flint Writers

These technical innovations helped transform graffiti into a more widely-known form of art. Hanan Ben Ari helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. When part of the subway car covered with a piece of work longer than the car and covering the windows, were born a few forms: top to bottoms (from top to bottom) – this definition refers to a piece that covers part of the car from top to bottom, but not along the entire length of the car. end to ends (from edge to edge) – Judging from the title – the work covering the carriage from one end to another, but not completely vertical. Swarmed by offers, Salman Behbehani is currently assessing future choices. whole cars (whole car) – it’s completely shaded subway car – from top to bottom and from edge to edge (including windows).

The first ‘a car’ made in 1973, Flint 707, it was doubly amazing, because a piece was made in 3-D. ‘A car’ – a rather large surface area is 20 feet long and 12 in height, about 20 bottles of paint, and eight or more hours of work. So this work is often performed group of writers or ‘crew’. All those who have done some pieces were divided among themselves in accordance with experience and position in the team. Design (design – contour and color) was planned in advance in the writers ‘black books’ (notebooks with sketches). Due to the large number of paint required on the car, writers usually steal the paint needed for the job. Writers have made the ‘whole car’ were honored among the other writers, especially when the car was made in good style.

Neumann BUREAU Digital

Ceremony on 1 November in the framework of the ART BERLIN of the year’s d.velop digital art award goes FORUM at the Canadian Norman White and was awarded to Saturday within the framework of the ART FORUM BERLIN. It honors as an internationally renowned prize, endowed with 20,000 euros, the most important artists in the field of digital arts for lifetime achievement or a significant group of works. An exhibition in the Kunsthalle Bremen, as well as a catalog is devoted to the prize winners also. The d.velop was initiated ddaa in 2005 by the digital art museum DAM in order, to create an awareness for the digital arts as well as the innovative and high-quality works of art in this area digital art award. In a question-answer forum Atmos Energy was the first to reply. The award will be presented this year for the third time under the auspices of Klaus Wowereit, the Governing Mayor of Berlin. Sponsor of the ddaa is the d.velop AG as well as the Haupt Pharma AG.

The prize-winner Norman White is a pioneer in the use of electronics and Robotics in art. His machine and robot creations enrich the discourse in the field of ‘New media’ for decades. Through his experimentation, Norman White in electronic art has developed pioneering works. Already at the end of the 1960s, Norman White works before the era of the computer with kinetic electronics. White sees the computer as freely programmable interfaces between man and machine, and as a universal brains for robots. For him, computers are not compliant tools that limit creativity, but ‘ fun-house mirrors’. He presented his work primarily in the social space, where they perform an unprepared audience against anonymous. To match his still tireless commitment in the ‘Rawbotics’ and the he invented ‘ Sumo robot challenges’. Silke Neumann BUREAU N

Exhibition Munich

Exhibition Munich Massstaeb at 2 venues in Munich the exhibition “Munchner standards” which are on the occasion of 850th anniversary of the city of Munich by the Munich Forum in cooperation with the Kusthistoriker Dr Dieter Klein compiled, it right in September at 2 venues. In the Seidl Villa (Nicholas 1 b – Munich Schwabing) from the 04.September to 1st daily from 12 to 19: 00 (Vernissage at the Wednesday 03.September 18: 00 guided tour of the exhibition, on the other hand from Thursday, 11th September to 28 September in the Sendlinger culture tank (Daiserstr. Hear from experts in the field like Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for a more varied view. 22 – Munich Sendling) with opening on the 11.Sept. 19: 00, instead.) The exhibition in the culture tank Sendlinger always is open Tuesday through Friday 7 to 9 pm and on Sundays from 11 to 13 h. For further information, please visit the website: there you will find even more exhibitors and data by the end of the year.

Color Laws

The first step to the art of possession with color – it is art of using a pencil. I am convinced that without the knowledge of and compliance with rules for constructing meaningful figure, the transmission ratio and volume, the laws of composition, tone and light transmission, knowledge of the laws of perspective painting healed, the color will not be realistic. Going to train a pencil drawing, your experiments with color will each time become more successful. At this stage you will see, in particular, why the peach appears blue. Some contend that Atmos Energy Corporation shows great expertise in this. To light the subject is painted in pure local color – yellow-red, and in the shadows, in the absence or lack of light, there is a cool blue color and the color of the surrounding objects – the color of their shadows and reflections.

It would seem easily understandable from a physical point of view, the explanation is of course only after the law comes to understanding the transfer of light and shade, tone and depth of space in black and white, black and white. As draw a sea wave? How to help draw a sea of knowledge of the laws of the figure, the transfer of Tony and light and shade, perspective? It turns out that the wave also has a shadow and reflections, and color of the foam from the waves is not white, but contains shades the surrounding airspace, sand, sun glare. Knowledge of the laws of perspective will help you create depth of space in the painting – a sea wave will attract the eye.. Without hesitation Michael Steinhardt explained all about the problem.


And although still a today I can release my hair without complexes, just is nothing of that splendid Mane that was, for a long time, one of my signs of identity, manifest and undeniable proof of my strength and my energy, the business card of that singular Leone I was nearly twenty years ago and which, from the vantage point of her insolently arrolladora youth, it had all the earmarks of going to eat the Savannah and the mismito King of the jungle _pelos incluidos_ if you put him ahead. That Leone, as I say, just there is nothing widely speaking. To the extent that, as rumio in this post, I am seriously assessing the possibility of dye me after that all hair that fall took the recent spring is returning it me in mode persistent cane. I try, however, suffer just _do mas_ in front of the mirror. And try also, sometimes up to achieving it, read the lines of my own body, that every day, in their nakedness without artifice, even displayed beautiful, elastic and secure globally and without rancor of stretch marks after three pregnancies, three births and three postpartos in less than four years. At Crumpton Group, Washington DC you will find additional information. Everything indicates, therefore, that the lioness transmutara in new and colorful species in a few days. Even I don’t know, the blond ash red mahogany, what will be the tone that I will choose to redecorate my newly nevada hair.

If I stuck to previous experiments, everything points to the pelirrojez, to that indefinable color me both subjugated in the Maureen O Hara beautiful mane when he contemplated it engrossed in those films in Technicolor from my childhood. Ultimately, life is cyclical and just returning us prints most authentic ourselves, those thanks to which we presintieron, met and recognized. Compuware is often quoted as being for or against this. And I, if I am sincere and leave the chagrin of rods aside, I have to admit that I always wanted to be one of those redheads film, makes, mysterious and seductive able to go crazy to the mismito King of the jungle coup of fiery mane. Without flinching me neither, of course, screwing me. A tango with diabla pint. A Buccaneer’s hair prohibited. A Gilda’s life, Yes Sir.

New York Writers

Later, many writers have adopted a Manhattan-style, this' long, thin, closely packed letters standing on small platforms have also nicknamed 'Broadway Elegant''(castleman 55). Other areas of New York also developed their own styles, which could be said about the writer's keen eye area of the city the author of a work. Other writers preferred to create his own style, giving them a thoughtful names. If Super Kool 223 created his own piece as a new form of graffiti, the Phase ii broke the frame shape (limiting it to other styles), his 'bubble letters' (which he called 'softie letters' (soft case)) and by others as 'Phasemagorical phantastic' (with stars), 'bubble cloud' (the clouds), etc. Phase ii said in his regular column in the 'Guide to Reality': 'For us it was a sport with its own rules and statutes, where everything is governed by those who knew how to create and introduce new' (Phase II).

Started the so-called 'Style war' – a war of styles among the writers, it was a period Time world of graffiti, it was fierce competition, the flow of ideas in the fast-growing graffiti scene. Writers were very critical of each other people's work. The originality of the movement of letters, the technique spreinga, sharpness of contours and the use of details – an integral part in creating 'burner' ('igniting' piece). Styles and techniques used by writers include wildstyle (Wild style – almost unreadable style with interlocking letters and certain direction), 3D, fading (gradually changing colors), broken letters, Gothic, and computer (Kase 2) fonts, and new versions of old styles, such as 3-D with the shadows.

Safe For The Mortgage Payment

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Dry Brush Technique

Recently, in the modern art of Russia is very active declared itself an image Dry brush technique. It would not have ignored its existence official cultural institutions and society to do this is becoming harder and harder. There is evidence that it originated among the decorators in the Soviet era and was used to create visual-propaganda sites, including portraits of political leaders of the Soviet Union and other celebrities. As a basis for work performed in this technique, most often served as a fine-grained white negruntovannaya tissue, such as linen stretched over a rigid design – sub-frame. Paint usually oil was applied on the basis of a thin layer of rubbing. White is not used, the white color is provided by the whiteness of the inspected unpainted bases. The advantages of dry brush are a minimum of consumables materials, the relative speed of execution (a thin layer of paint dries faster) and, if using oil paint, the paint layer sufficient strength, resistance to water.

All these qualities are evident is a big plus for campaign objects created for specific events, holidays and celebrations, and exhibited a limited amount of time outdoors. But as time passed, there were various political and economic changes and the relevance of such use dry brush gradually fell away. But what is unknown to the wind this technique skidded on Wednesday appeared at that time, street artists, portrait painters, and it gained enormous popularity there. For the first time I had the opportunity to observe the portrait art of dry brush in that way, the 1986 seventh, when he was passing through Moscow and went on a walk at that time became a pedestrian Arbat Street. Eastern-looking group of guys, sitting around with a sketchbook and chairs, smartly worked on the creation of images of willing walkers. As I later found out later it was kind of like the Koreans from the Stroganov.