Computer Freezing

All we periodically face the problem of "freezing" the computer. Sometimes it causes mild irritation, and sometimes we just want to smash the monitor unfortunate because I do not have time to save what they wrote. What to do If your computer crashed? The reasons for this may be a few. Let us consider each in detail. 1) Unstable hard drive. If the hard drive work have any problems (and they may be mechanical, logical or software and hardware), the computer will "think" for a long time before you commit to any transaction.

Quite difficult to immediately suspected it was slow work hard drive, it can be done only by an experienced specialist the characteristic sound of disc rotation. There may appear on the screen the message "Delayed Write Failed (Windows delayed write failure). 2) Overheating of the CPU. Modern processors produce a lot of heat. Therefore, for their work requires cooling element, generally cooler. When the processor overheats, the system is running slowly, and the computer "freezes". You can check if it works good cooler, just listening, or touching the system unit.

From this will be issued a characteristic noise, and the unit will vibrate. In this case, it is desirable to replace the cooler, then your computer will run faster. 3) Viruses and Trojans. Nowadays, viruses and Trojan horses – this is one of the main misfortunes that can happen to your computer. Whatever form of malware, they are always strongly reduce PC performance. The first thing you should do in this case – to run Anti-virus scanning.