Computer Laptops

A lot of times treated me with this issue, and every time the feeling that now, once again begin a conversation with a Chinese Malay. One of two things: either you have to blurt out nonsense, clearly calling the 'price' or 'from uvilivaya a direct answer 'to embark in the misty clarification: What is a computer, what are the composition, characteristics, etc. Thus you see how in the clouded eyes of the questioner is growing awareness' attempts soldered 'or' fills the price. " Feeling disgusting. So now the same question I answer simply, from two and a half thousand and above, at your discretion. Only then it is possible to talk business with a potential buyer. Far not everyone knows today that the personal computer, in contrast to other electronic appliances are not manufactured at the factory from beginning to end.

Computers are collected in different laboratories and shops of the individual components on the market many manufacturers with a huge range of modifications and prices. As a result – the number of variants of computers that can be collected from the 'Lego' is MANY THOUSANDS and, most interestingly, they are all working properly. So what's the difference, you ask? And will it be? Be. And, as a rule, all begin to understand it later on, after the purchase. But the differences are mainly the following: 1. Performance 2. Reliability 3.

Impact on health 4. Warranty service 5. Kudos 6. Design and Ergonomics 7. Price for the last two points each buyer feels competent enough, or at least has a opinion: the price should be as low as possible, the design – it's not the point. Here are just lies and the first underwater rock. A lot of ads that hit a variety of paid and free magazines, entice us a low price. It and understandable. The task of advertising – to attract a buyer. Because it 'fair' reports of the computer price and carefully glossed over in this important information. All covered up 'fig leaf' performance under which can be hidden as products of leading manufacturers, as well as lesser-known companies, often characterized by the low price of their products to the detriment of quality. But all this will manifest itself later in the operation. Low reliability – failures hassle. It's not often you know: 'What is it? " Software failure or malfunction in the 'iron', and can be – a virus … namuchalis, having tried all the advice of competent and friends, you call the place shopping, where you await new shocks and a catch at number 4. Where are those nice people who were so welcoming of your request. Or they do not look forward to hearing? Require you to pay for a specialist visit 'home' and how Typically, they say, 'Bring, then check'. Can be attributed, and, though troublesome, and God knows in whose hands the computer gets, whether the master, whether a boy on a pick-up for 10 NIS. per hour. It feels like spat upon, gnawing doubt (and without base), not just myself regret that bought into the 'mivtsu' and cheap 'gifts', and gave some their money, earned through hard work. And then – even worse … But enough about the poor. What I took frighten, dear buyer. All will be good. Just do not ask: 'How much is your computer? " Ask the better … .. How to choose a computer? But that's another article …