Computer Training

Notice, the importance that to teacher must give you their own training, he is link between student-learning, since the psicopedagogo should develop its action, encompassing various fields of knowledge. On the school, it must provide moments in which the digital inclusion becomes in addition you an act pleasurable and interesting, only that the child is instigated you obtain good results. Official site: here. Keywords: Computing, Professor, Student, Education, psychopedagogists. 1 INTRODUCTION Computer science comes acquiring each time more relevance in the educational scene. Its use as instrument of learning and its action in the social environment comes increasing of fast form. In this direction, the education comes passing for structural and functional changes front to this new technology. However what it comes being questioned is of the form with that this introduction comes occurring and from this point to analyze the operating importance of one psicopedagogo that it can use to advantage and use these tools as mechanism and support to assist in the attendance of the pupils.

With this work it is intended to argue some points, of utmost importance, that can generate a reflection on where measured the technologies they can collaborate and as the computer can serve of education tool, using resources informatizados from a relation with the machine, developing in the child the knowledge through comments. To search inside of the education, the concept, the objectives and the evolution history, to identify to the main tools and its use and the development of the attention, the concentration and the memory. Psicopedagogo needs to know what it is to teach and what it is to learn; as they intervene the educative systems and methods; the structural problems that intervine in the sprouting of the learning upheavals and in the pertaining to school process. The research if justifies, therefore the technologies of information and the communication are of basic importance in the life of the majority of the population and tend to be each more indispensable time in our daily one.