The Work

Such questions denounce and evidence different profiles of performance in schools associates the diverse action, want preventive and curativas, want referring to the promotion of the health. This fact can be explicitado and be exemplificado by the comment of three aspects, to follow declared. As detached in the interviews, we observe, as first aspect, the diverse possibilities of performance in the school. The interviewed one, tells to develop the following actions: knowledge on the educational reality, survey of the didactic material, elaboration and accomplishment of the project. Also it comments that its work is only carried through with the professors, with intention to promote one better quality of education for the children. It is verified that this profile of performance is consonante to the work developed for Calheta (2005), a time that focuses the letramento. The author believes that the carried through actions must be developed by the partnership between the fonoaudilogo, psicopedagogo and the educators, understanding them as ' ' agent potencializadores of aprendizagem' '.

Interviewed the two carry through the following works: lectures for parents. Such actions are portraied by the following authors: Pacheco and Caraa (1984), Bitar (1991), Coimbra et al (1991), Gentleman (1997), Kyrillos et alii (1997), Oliveira et alii (2002). Valley to stand out that also the interviewed one cited as performance possibility the accomplishment of language workshops, using you rhyme. In but a consulted publication, we verify the proposal of performance with children in group of attendance (Kyrillos et alii, 1997), pointing with respect to a relation with the development of workshops. Finally, the interviewed three developed selections, lectures and meetings, agreeing to such authors: Pacheco and Caraa (1984), Bitar (1991), Coimbra et al (1991); Gentleman (1997), Kyrillos et section (1997), Oliveira et alii (2002). Reflections on fonoaudiolgica assessorship in the school. Conclusions: Ahead of the results of the research in Fonoaudiologia in the pertaining to school area and of the interviews, we conclude that, although sucinta sample, the harvested depositions had established a relation of accord to the published studies already in the area, having proven what initially was said regarding the different profiles that compose the fonoaudiolgica performance in schools.

Federal Institute

In such a way, the education on-line was materialized in an alternative capable to join internal qualification with lesser economic loss, that could happen in the case of absence or reduction of the productivity of its employees in result to an extra devotion to the studies in one actual model of learning. However, if it cannot forget the character restricted, and of certain point, hierarchic contracted in this sphere. The conveniadas companies do not offer the courses to all openly its employees and yes, the important specific groups for its commercial or administrative strategies. Being thus, the accessibility to the modality finishes being controlled following the interests of the corporation, being able in some cases, to offer distinct courses with especificidade to each productive sector. Currently, some companies still appeal to the SENAC It to ME to promote qualification through the model on-line to its employees, but already other institutions of private education exist superior that disponibilizam identical partnerships or develop them of independent form. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Moodys .

It is standed out, that aspects economic they dictate the formative preferences of definitive courses. In this direction, those directed toward area of the management are presented privileged, however, the weak local economy, result of anmica enterprise presence, limit the modality to each year to a reduced contingent of corporations. In relation to the public initiatives, Federal University of the Maranho (UFMA), State University of the Maranho (UEMA) and the Federal Institute are observed it Education, Science and Technology of the Maranho (IFMA), that through its Nuclei of Education long-distance (NEAD) and stimulated by the project Open University of Brazil (UAB) created in 2005, it comes offering long-distance courses of graduation and after-graduation through the Internet. In this scope, the proposals presented for the public institutions in the Maranho for education on-line follow lines of direction of the UAB, arquitetadas for the Ministry of Educao (MEC), state-owned companies and the association of the controllers of the federal institutions of education.

The Daily

One is about a self-centered, on causalidade to the proper action, characterized for the absence of objective relations between the way (use of the corporal action) and the end to reach (toy moved away from the child). You may find that Eliot Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge. These behaviors show that the child in this age it is already capable to recognize objective relations of causalidade, in the measure where if it serves of ways appropriate to reach its ends. The slight knowledge of objecto permanent and causalidade are not abstractos concepts, data that if they point out the level of the share and not of the representation. They are before practical categories or projects of action. For return of the year and way, the child starts to think. Details can be found by clicking kevin ulrich or emailing the administrator. For Piaget, the thought is closely on the motor projects to the concept of objectos and its characteristics. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Atmos Energy. It also imitates events that it sees to uncurl it its return. In the end of the stadium sensrio-engine other cognitivas structures are developed, the child starts to distinguish I from everything the remaining portion encircles that it and acquires the time and space slight knowledge.

She is also in this period that the child starts to speak. The Daily pay Period of training – she draws out yourself approximately of the two years to the six and characterizes yourself for the fast development of the language and the symbolic function. When she plays, the child can for example, to use two parts of ' ' lego' ' to represent two people. is in this height that starts to classify to command the objectos as well as counting. The moment where the child substitutes the action for its representation, that is, where if it serves of symbols, marks the beginning of the thought. The use of the language still allows an exchange it of information with the others.

Educative Technology

The Internet is the main agent of the globalization and comes leading the society for a universal critical education that comes provoking true economic, cultural alterations and in the routine of each individual in the face of the land. The NTIC? s, in special the Internet, has served of support so that the schools can make the pupil to reflect on useful subjects the society, one of them would be the debate on sustainable development. According to Ramos and Coppola (2009, pg. 3): ‘ ‘ The computer and the Internet while pedagogical tools, when used well, they will be able to offer greater subsidy for a new position in the teaching action. More information is housed here: ConocoPhillips. In this aspect one understands that the professors are citizens knowing of them and mediators of all pedagogical action that occurs in the interior of the school, for this reason, they need to be assumen of the new technologies, not only to motivate the pupils, but to understand the active and dynamic process that occurs in this interaction between the man and mquina.’ ‘ In such a way the use of the computer and the Internet in the school, beyond allowing to the access and use of brought up to date material, also allows to the access the digital libraries that can be more efficient than traditional pertaining to school libraries, many times pessimamente equipped.

Beyond the virtues of the Internet, she also fits to stand out the deriving problems of its job as pedagogical tool, therefore it is a world-wide net that this, to a large extent, infectada for a confusion of maken a mistake information, without evidence of sources. In the Internet much useless information predominates that, ace times, can deturpar ideas of authors serious, given to the extreme freedom of creation and publication in sites, where any one writes on what to want without necessarily having domain on the subject in question. Ahead of all this reality, is necessary to have common-sense in the hour to search and responsibility in the hour to publish some subject in the Internet, exactly that it is a simple creation of one blog or a profile in a site of relationships. Bibliographical references: BOEIRA, Adriana Blacksmith. Blogs in the Education: Blogando some pedagogical possibilities.

HvB WebDesign

In this case we can see that in process of paradigm shift is determined ex-rational irrational or even rational, irrational and sometimes rises to the sound. Each new paradigm serves as a goal the entire preceding development of psychology and serves as the basis of specific rational reconstructions of history. This is a rewrite, rebuild history will continue as long as there is objective knowledge. Accordingly, our evaluation of various phenomena of history of psychology can never become final, they are constantly changing, because they are just as relative as all our knowledge. It follows that the question of which line is rational line of development psychology, which irrational or irrational, is largely meaningless. Accordingly, the task of rational reconstruction of the history of psychology is very valuable relative.

In the development of psychology at any time you can distinguish a rational line in terms of the dominant paradigm, as well as latent and rational line of development, but the future of these lines can not be rational. So when it comes to choosing between competing paradigms, the choice of which strategy would be to recommend? One could say, to choose the paradigm that dominates or today, or tomorrow will win, it will make your behavior is rational in the eyes of the modern scientific community. But the answer is not quite honest, because what is rational from the perspective of a private, intermediate purpose, it may be irrational from the standpoint of a common goal. Therefore, to maintain and should fight for the paradigm in which the truth you believe. This is the only rational behavior. If you believe in the truth one paradigm, but refuses to support it and start winning, or one that will win tomorrow, then you are doing is irrational. Let the defending dropped a paradigm of the truth that you are confident you will be look in the eyes of supporters irrationalist winning paradigm, in the eyes of the entire scientific community, but in his own eyes you – a rationalist. And when the next stage of learning will lead to new re-evaluations, you can only call a rationalist, remain committed to the truth in the period of confusion.

Pointer References Pechenkin AA Modern philosophy of science. M., 1996. Lakatos I. The history of science and its rational reconstruction / / Structure of Scientific Revolutions / Ed. VU Kuznetsov. M., 2001. James W. Introduction to Philosophy. M., 2000. Wundt W. The system of philosophy. Moscow. 2002. Vvedensky AI Psychology without metaphysics. Pg., 1915. T. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions / / The Structure of Scientific Revolutions / Ed. VU Kuznetsov. M., 2001. Nicholas of Cusa. Ignorance about the scientist / / Collected Works. , 1979. Frank, SL Inconceivable / / Works. Moscow, 1990. Copyright 2005-2007 by HvB WebDesign St: Petersburg. All Rights Reserved.

Text Reader

As researchers as Jack Goody (cited for Darnton, 2010, P. 39), the invention of the writing was the more important technological advance of the history of the humanity. It transformed the relation of the human being with the past and opened way for the sprouting of the book as historical force. The book existence printed matters, from Gutenberg, facilitated to the access the information, although to be restricted to the ruling classes, left the book to the reach each bigger time of readers. It is understood, in this research, that the book is … a material object, generally confectioned in paper, on which they adhere to letters and other drawn figures the ink, according to one called technique impression, whose invention dates of century XV; this object produces as a process of clear-cut work and appears primordially as merchandise, exactly that the intentions of its craftsmen are of another order that not mercantile it (MUNAKATA, 1997, P. 84). The reader of the book printed matter, especially the didactic, counts on a relation of proximity with the object ‘ ‘ desejado’ ‘ , he ahead places it of itself on a table, turns its pages, he handles it, he sharpens the directions: the direct tato-contact, the vision: that it is attracted by the colors, format and until the olfato: that it identifies if the book is new or old, establishing of this form, an affective relation between reader and text.

As Munakata (1997) the book … is not for being read as if reads one treat scientific position adopted for many critics to content of didactic books. Didactic book is for using: to be loaded to the school; to be opened; to be scribbled … to be folded; to be read in high voice in some stretches and others, silence; to be copied …; to be carried in return the house; to be opened of new; to be ‘ ‘ estudado..

Myths About Computers

Or short computer courses for those who still fear computers you are still not yet know how to use a computer? And are you not ashamed? I know it is a shame. Shame on you, but scary. It is terrible to come and spoil … and this expensive thing? Seem sad sack? And yet … Well, let's not true.

Better in another way. Computers are shrouded in myth, which attract some and repel others. All these myths are invented by those to whom it is profitable. And this is beneficial to those who do use computers for customer service, and those who earn their teaching computer literacy, confusing and intimidating students challenging and frightening terms, overlaps in the importance of a mystery shrouding and all what is happening inside the 'black box'. Myth – The computer is a complicated thing, Computer, indeed, is so complex thing, that for the development and manufacture of this device uses high-tech or hi-tech, as say at this time. This is such a complicated thing that the creators have taken care and made it just as a very user-friendly.

You also only need to use a computer, rather than digging in his chips. You are able to use the TV, microwave, VCR, washing machine, car and many other modern things. You do not know how they work, how they work. You're just a good and happy user. Same with computers, but we must remember that the computer came up with 'bourgeois', that is, the representatives of the Western world – the capitalists.

Computer Training

Notice, the importance that to teacher must give you their own training, he is link between student-learning, since the psicopedagogo should develop its action, encompassing various fields of knowledge. On the school, it must provide moments in which the digital inclusion becomes in addition you an act pleasurable and interesting, only that the child is instigated you obtain good results. Official site: here. Keywords: Computing, Professor, Student, Education, psychopedagogists. 1 INTRODUCTION Computer science comes acquiring each time more relevance in the educational scene. Its use as instrument of learning and its action in the social environment comes increasing of fast form. In this direction, the education comes passing for structural and functional changes front to this new technology. However what it comes being questioned is of the form with that this introduction comes occurring and from this point to analyze the operating importance of one psicopedagogo that it can use to advantage and use these tools as mechanism and support to assist in the attendance of the pupils.

With this work it is intended to argue some points, of utmost importance, that can generate a reflection on where measured the technologies they can collaborate and as the computer can serve of education tool, using resources informatizados from a relation with the machine, developing in the child the knowledge through comments. To search inside of the education, the concept, the objectives and the evolution history, to identify to the main tools and its use and the development of the attention, the concentration and the memory. Psicopedagogo needs to know what it is to teach and what it is to learn; as they intervene the educative systems and methods; the structural problems that intervine in the sprouting of the learning upheavals and in the pertaining to school process. The research if justifies, therefore the technologies of information and the communication are of basic importance in the life of the majority of the population and tend to be each more indispensable time in our daily one.

Managing Files

At the moment I am training for computer science c children, and sometimes cook them to the 'competition'. With one 14-year old teenager, we did the project described below. The theory summarized the problem. Sysadmins have to work with large data: copy, archive, move, rename, etc. Likely to work, they use special tools or write a small 'applets' for yourself. For example, in Linux common spelling of bash-scripts.

Gipotezaz. Python programming language is a good tool to perform the above tasks, and also has the happy advantage. Purpose. Explore the possibilities of the Python programming language and create a small program (a first module), which performs functions such as searching for files in the directory on the grounds of the name, size, time of change (create, open), but also allows further sort (copy, move, delete). Bibliography. Among other things, in many respects, we relied on the book 'Python in System Administration unix and Linux' (Gift, Jones). The general scheme of the program can be represented as follows: I understand that in fact is an attempt to reproduce the functionality of tools find. However, in the student projects are important to learn something, gain practical skills.

'Discovery' was credited with the fact that the utility has turned out more convenient and works great in Windows. When defending this work between a teenager and an assistant professor there was something like the following dialogue: – Lack of your work – is to use text-based interaction with users. – The program is designed for system administrators. Do I need a gui? Can the above program with a valid and practical significance? (Perhaps our assumption in the problem that is often required to sort the files not initially true).

Computer Science

It is necessary to see as this process happens to learn front to the computer and the Internet, therefore is important that he has stimulatons. With the technological advances (Computer science) he had some positive points, such as: special education, computerized prteses and the easiness that brought in the writing and communication. For Gimenes (2001), we live in a technological revolution, we are in the Age of Computer science. The computers are each time more gifts and arrive at the schools as important support for the system educational, it comes modernizing and facilitating the concretion of the production of the works. It says despite the evolution of the education is necessary, which cannot be estagnar, having to work new paradigms that provoke so intense changes in the society. Tijiboy (2001), presents differences between the paradigms in relation to the technology: In an old paradigm (Industrial Age): the knowledge was only for the transmission of the professor for the pupil; the students were passive and received orders from the professors who had only the objective to classify them and to select them; in a competitive, individualistic and limited learning, where any one could teach. New paradigm (digital Age of the Information): the construction of the knowledge is collective between students and professors, therefore the pupils are active, construction, transforming finders and of knowledge; the paper of the professor is to develop the talentos of the pupils, therefore they live in a context of cooperative learning and with a infinity of information where to teach he is complex and it requires a considerable formation.

When analyzing these paradigms, we perceive a great change that has inside of the pertaining to school institution how much to the use of the technologies. Before pupils passive formed themselves, capable to only reproduce what the professor transmitted. With the new paradigm, a new profile, the school is formed having that to change its way to think to take care of the necessities of its pupils.