Consumer Life

The fate of the product is directly subordinate to the most powerful driving force of the market – consumer preferences. Nothing will save the product if it customers to it care about (unless of course we are not talking about matches or salt). (Not to be confused with Dirk Kuyt!). More than half of new developments fall through, not finding the desired response in the consumer environment. Click rusty holzer to learn more. On the contrary, it is absolutely crazy ideas sometimes find universal acceptance. This and have the effect of consumer power in the market life of products. But suppose that the consumer was supportive of the product and bought it. For most sellers in this transaction is completed, and this is a major omission business. Consumption starts after the purchase of goods and ends before you buy another replacement for the former.

The details of this process must be very careful to understand, because they are hidden many reasons for loyalty dealer and brand commitment. In fact, the consumption of the life cycle of the purchased goods, his ‘private life’. And this life also consists of a series of consecutive stages, a variety which is incomparably greater than in ‘Shop-warehouse’ life goods. Two stages of life marked goods are divided clearly a milestone – the time of sale. Before the sale the seller main interest was the rapid release of shelving and storage (by the way, the speed of this process and is determined by the shape of the product life cycle). After the sale of the goods determines the length of life of its ability to meet the needs for which it was purchased.