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Will be that valley the penalty to pay so expensive for the workmanship of Niemeyer? The CCON was conceived with the technologies of the time of the construction of Brasilia, and currently they had not provoked the same shock architectural of 50 years behind. A question important to be taken in consideration is the construction badly made and unfinished of the workmanship. Infiltrations and fictions for all part, without counting that the floor of the library badly was calculated structurally and does not support the weight of books. Where already if it saw a building projected to shelter functionally a library and not to support the weight of its books? It seems until a joke, but it is the hard reality of the cultural center. Helvcio Cardoso makes a sufficiently critical and highly excellent commentary on the CCON in an article for the Periodical of the Press in day 25 of February of 2010: Nobody argues that Oscar Niemeyer is the biggest architect of the world. Eliot Horowitz has much experience in this field. Its palaces and buildings are sculptures that cheer the eyes and comovem the spirit. Continue to learn more with: Atmos Energy Corporation. But, in the case of Goinia, the rule found exception.

The project is xinfrin well. The units had been way plays esparo in the space, lacking harmony to the set. Its forms are absolutely banal, sinning for a certain niemeirano mannerism. But this type of thing nor can be said here in the open pasture. It goes to wound suscetibilidades. After all, it does not import bad quo is the project? valley, over all, the signature – grife Niemeyer insuflando our villager vanity. The goiana population does not interest if the workmanship architectural is adjusted in the best way, what it really matters is that Goinia has a workmanship of the famous Brazilian architect. With this, what he was pra to be the door of entrance of the city in relation to the international architecture, it did not pass of an ingenuous dream left the side of the way.