The Planets Effect Everything

Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jack Miller. 10:32 and 33. CAD YOUR DEUSES? Where, therefore, they are yours deuses that for you exactly you made? They who if raise if you can exempt in the time of the anguish; because yours deuses Jud, is as much as your cities. Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 2:18. Was prepared the Jewish nation to receive JESUS, the Salvador GOD, and why they had not recognized it? Because she was busy with deuses of the corporeal properties. ANY IMAGE Many people place in its books images of singers, bichinhos of pelcia, of plastic, lakes, singers, children, mountains, seas, grassy, sky, moon, sun, stars. George MacKinnon may find this interesting as well.

However, the Image Saint of JESUS cannot. Why? If they find deuses bigger of what the MASTER? They prefer to use the things created for the Planetary CHRIST and not it CHRIST? How quaint thing! They are with the mind directed in the Age of the Splintery Rock? Perhaps the rupestres paintings still please much people that having as much facultative knowledge have fear of looking at the Picture of the GOD CHRIST. The MOAN DE JESUS I came on behalf of My Father and you do not receive me; if another one to come in its proper name, will receive certainly it. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 5:43. LESA-MAJESTADE CRIME Many people have the nonsense of to call MARIA SANTSSIMA, the MOTHER of pecadora JESUS. (Not to be confused with Ernie Barbarash!). This is a shame for as many people that they are said formed in Theology.

They are perfect and JESUS and the VIRGIN MARIA, pecadores. This is crime of Injures Majesty. What they had studied were not Theology, but theology, that is, deuses created by hands human beings. 46? Then, Maria said: My Soul engrandece the Mr., 47? my Spirit if cheered in God my Salvador, 48? because it contemplated in the humildade of Its servant. Therefore, since now, all will consider me the generations Fortunate, 49? because Powerful it made me great things. Saint is Its Name. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP. 1:46 the 49. JESUS was not born as the common Human being. Then, to respect the MOTHER of the PLANETARY CHRIST is imperious. ALL the MOTHERS Are in this manner calling its mothers pecadoras. How respect lack! if says turned in the Bible! Which Bible? They remember that the other ways of births determined for JESUS are giving the first steps in the Land. To honor, therefore, the mothers are indispensable. Wives, mothers, children, deserve honor, mainly for that if experts of the Evangelho say de JESUS. JESUS AND the PLANETARY EFFECT Everything what he exists in the Planetary Nature appeared for the hlito of the MASTER JESUS, and the person that denies the Face of the CHRIST, uses its disguise: The Nature. All the things had been made by intermediary Of it, and, without It, nothing of what it was made if made. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 1:3.

Culture Access

Will be that valley the penalty to pay so expensive for the workmanship of Niemeyer? The CCON was conceived with the technologies of the time of the construction of Brasilia, and currently they had not provoked the same shock architectural of 50 years behind. A question important to be taken in consideration is the construction badly made and unfinished of the workmanship. Infiltrations and fictions for all part, without counting that the floor of the library badly was calculated structurally and does not support the weight of books. Where already if it saw a building projected to shelter functionally a library and not to support the weight of its books? It seems until a joke, but it is the hard reality of the cultural center. Helvcio Cardoso makes a sufficiently critical and highly excellent commentary on the CCON in an article for the Periodical of the Press in day 25 of February of 2010: Nobody argues that Oscar Niemeyer is the biggest architect of the world. Eliot Horowitz has much experience in this field. Its palaces and buildings are sculptures that cheer the eyes and comovem the spirit. Continue to learn more with: Atmos Energy Corporation. But, in the case of Goinia, the rule found exception.

The project is xinfrin well. The units had been way plays esparo in the space, lacking harmony to the set. Its forms are absolutely banal, sinning for a certain niemeirano mannerism. But this type of thing nor can be said here in the open pasture. It goes to wound suscetibilidades. After all, it does not import bad quo is the project? valley, over all, the signature – grife Niemeyer insuflando our villager vanity. The goiana population does not interest if the workmanship architectural is adjusted in the best way, what it really matters is that Goinia has a workmanship of the famous Brazilian architect. With this, what he was pra to be the door of entrance of the city in relation to the international architecture, it did not pass of an ingenuous dream left the side of the way.

Registering Work

To register a work is not plus a great problem as it has few years. Disponibilizar this work to the public also is relatively simple in times of Youtube, conventional Facebook, Blogs, sites – in the molds of the age ‘ ‘ point com’ ‘ – or some another available form in the Internet. Already it is not more necessary to vender the soul to a recorder and to enter in the game (dirty) of purchase and sales of space (and people) in the conventional vehicles of communication that had reigned during century XX. It is clearly that these vehicles still have (and always they will have) enormous influence and are determinative to accumulate of stocks a well bigger number of followers. Also clearly that the recorders still exist, even so it is very weakened, and continue making this same game with sufficient success, for incredible that it seems.

But what it is legal to point out it is that this monopoly finished. They already are not more the only door of entrance, the only one half of contact. the trend is that its power diminishes year year after, as already comes happening. But this subject is vastssimo and runs away from the target of what we are approaching here. I go to exclusively dedicate some texts on this in a next future. Then: which are the options that this ‘ ‘ Brave New World’ ‘ it offers in them? Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar After all, which is optimum program of audio? It wants a short and thick reply? It is prepared therefore I am certain that it will be one how much in such a way disappointing one. Optimum program of audio does not exist. Disappointed? It is not! This is excellent because it implies in choice options.

It has absolute certainty of a thing: its music will not be better will be recorded in the Avid Pro Tools nor worse will be recorded in a Cakewalk Sonar. Apple Logic will be able to make very little for a bad music as well as the Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo will not be capable, by itself, to ruin a part of good quality. We come back at the outset: most important of everything it is the substratum, the musical creation. Happily, in the current period of training of the industry of softwares for music production, the majority of the desenvolvedores offers to its customers easy programs to be operated, with audio total integration of and MIDI, all the basic tools for a good captation, edition and finishing, beyond if to keep open for the use of softwares of expansion, the celebrities plug-ins, that they considerably increase the efficiency of the programs. However, it has a myth in the air of that Pro the Tools is the best DAW between all the DAWs available. This is not truth. I repeat: THIS IS NOT TRUTH! But it is truth that the system of the Avid acquired throughout the time this status. why it acquired this status? It is what we will see in the next text.


The concrete in the mold in two layers was distributed. Each layer received twelve blows distributed uniformly throughout all surface, in accordance with norm NBR 5738 (4). After molding, had been left in the laboratory for a period of 24h in intention to prevent the loss of water during the cure process initial. Passed 24h, the samples had been completely submerged in tanks with water until the day of its disruption. ConocoPhillips often says this. The samples had been assayed with seven days and twenty and eight days of age. All the assays of molding, process of cure and disruption of the samples had been carried through in accordance with the pertinent effective Brazilian norms to the subject. RESULTS AND DISCUSSO the graphs show the grain sized curves of the sand, brita and residue of would aciaria respectively.

The made grain sized assays with the aggregate had been in accordance with norm NBR 7217 (5). Through the graph presented in figure 2, it was verified classification of used brita zero, as added grado, a time that the percentages of restrained material, in the used bolters, obey the limits fixed for the norm. Comparing the values presented for the graph of figure 3 with the values already settled by the norm, it proved classification of the used sand, as small aggregate. Through figure 4 it is noticed similarity of grain sized characteristics presented by the slag, proven through the calculation of the finura module, with the aggregate grado, used in the habitual processes of attainment of the concrete. Tab. 3 shows to the module of finura and maximum dimetros of used aggregates. Table 3: Assay of granulometria of aggregates. MateriaisMdulo de Maximum FinurDimetro (mm) Brita 5,86 4,80 Sand 2,67 2,40 4 Slag 6,82 4,80 tab.

and fig. 5, show to the result of the assay of compression with age of 7 days and 28 days. Table 4: Results of the compression assay. DesignaoIdade of 7 diasIdade of 28 Cp days Standard 5,68 Mpa 11,73 Mpa Cp 25% 5,05 Mpa 11.21 Mpa Cp 50% 5,65 Mpa 11,57 Mpa Cp 75% 4,85 Mpa 10,77 Mpa CONCLUSIONS Is viable the partial substitution of brita zero, for the slag of would aciaria, in the manufacture of the intertravados blocks, a time that, beyond presenting good visual aspects, the body-of-test manufactured from the trace I contend percentages of the residue, had presented resulted next to the ones to the trace standard, in what it says respect to the resistance the compression. REFERENCES 1.ASSOCIAO BRAZILIAN OF CEMENT PORTLAND, 2002a. 2.PIOROTTI, J.L. (1985). Intertravada pavement. 1 edition. Rio De Janeiro: Montana S.A.Indstria and Comrcio, 1985, 64p. 3.JOHN, V.M. Recycling of residues in the civil construction. 2000. 102 P. Tese (Free Docncia) – Polytechnical School, University of So Paulo, So Paulo, 2000. 4.NBR 5738? Procedure for molding and cure of bodies of test of concrete? 2003. 5 NBR 7217 – Added determination of the composition granulometria? 1987.

Marcondes Scientific

The protocol was called of Protocol will be Matadada Harversting (OAI-PMH). Regarding this protocol, Marcondes and Sayo (2002 apud MORAES, 2006, P. 16) they define, it as being … Mitchel Resnick understood the implications. a protocol that foresees not immediate interoperabilidade (that is, it is not, therefore, a protocol for search on-line) between repository of eprints, digital libraries or any server in the net that wants to display, that is, to become visible documents in it stored for a external program that wants to collect them. 6 CONSIDERAES FINAL Questionings are carried through regarding the spreading of the scientific research because it has situations where the communication is restricted to the members of one determined parcel of the society. In other cases it is disponibilizada to all, but she receives exception how much to the acquisition, that occurs in onerous way. The appearance of the model of open archive did not leave of being one great step in the process of the scientific communication, because it allows to that had adhered to the movement could have access to electronic publications. However it has very if to make so that the open archive if establishes, in fact, as an alternative to the accessibility to the available scientific information electronically of gratuitous form. Ahead of the displayed one, we believe that the present work fulfilled its objective main: to display the model of open archive as source of scientific information, showing its relevance for the scientific communication and for that they depend on electronic publications of free access. The specific objectives had been reached, because knowledge was taken of

Garci School

Observing the direction of it speaks presented to follow, the daily knowledge and the pertaining to school is made use, in the social relations, polarized values. Let us see: Pupil brings its day-by-day so that with this we will bind to the content or to show to them that exactly that at this moment to seem that its life nothing has to see with what it sees in the school, the society uses everything this in day-by-day and charges of all we minimum it of a knowledge will relate with our world and other places. On the relations between daily knowing and escolarizado knowing, visualized in the perspective of speaks previously presented, Garci’a (1998, p.84) points: ' ' In the article of Reif and Larkin …, therefore, when comparing the scientific knowledge with the daily one, defines this last one as? common knowledge on the natural phenomena acquired by the majority of the people in the daily life and the first stages of escolarizao, before arriving at a more systematic study of science. In this definition we find the idea implicit of that the daily knowledge is one to know previous to the instruction, that has felt in those stages of the life where not yet if can have access to the scientific knowledge, idea syntonized with the belief of that the proper wisdom of? common direction? she is primitive and little rational, in contraposition to a rational scientific knowledge and more elaborado' '. We can infer that the present educational speech you say in them here pointed reflects the valuation of the pertaining to school knowledge on the daily knowledge, disclosing the proper condition of marginalizao knowing of them popular in relation to the dominant culture. Far from being a neutrality space where the social differences are extinguished, the school nothing more is that place of reproduction of the inaqualities social, for the treatment given to the contents and the pedagogical strategies.