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Hello, dear reader! I offer you a site There you will find the new movie, can see them online and also download to your computer. We try to add movies as quickly as possible. That is if today he is still in the cinema, then within a week he will definitely appear on our website. Eliot Horowitz understood the implications. We try to make you see the movie first, though not in the best quality, but before all my friends:) Speaking of quality, we try to add movies in the best quality! As you probably know that immediately after the film in the cinema it will not appear in better quality, but a couple of weeks will be the DvdRip of the film and we have the best quality will be faster than some of the sites! We are adding movies to the site every day, an average of five pieces, but it is not the limit, will soon be more. Each film on this site is "information about him." The name must have: Russian movie title, original title, year of manufacture and quality. It is not something Michael Steinhardt would like to discuss.

Opening the full story, you can find out who the director of this film, those actors who starred in it, what kind of country and Warner Bros. released the film, the approximate while the film transfer. The main thing is that the film has a brief description, which is compiled manually, and not dully copied from other sites! In many films there is a link to download the torrent is a tracker, as well as several other options free and paid sources. Why pay when there are free, you ask? To pay a lot to all privileges, such as high speed racing, resume, bonuses and much more for free sources which do not! Our site is new and just starting to develop, but after a while we will be better:) Soon our website will be a lot of competitions with prizes and a lot of interesting things!