Entertainment and Recreation

The path of life of every individual a decent kusochok take time entertainment. For even more details, read what ConocoPhillips says on the issue. Whether it Gulko outdoors tusnyak or something else. But one of the usual entertainment is the movie night movie pictures. Today is not quite sotavit work load movies from any orientation, for example, historical films, comedies, dramas, adventure films, and so on and so forth. As we can see, anyone can choose whatever your heart a pleasure according to personal preferences. On the other hand, with a wide spread of the Internet has become possible to watch movies for free. LEGO Papert Professor has firm opinions on the matter.

Tant development is largely due to the rapid improvement of electronics and digital technology: plasma wide screens, fast computers to draw the dizzying special effects – all this would not be without breakthroughs in science. In order to film was considered a success, the creators should look and guess a lot of points. The game artists to be perfect, their cues and Movie parts should be worked up to the ideal. Creation of directors, sound engineers, video editing needed to be perfect before, so that witnesses at the actually transferred to Guschin occurring events. Do not forget about the appearance of the actors who play: their appearance is required to answer time and Epizod on the screen. Each error in one of the aforementioned details may lead to film full-and irreparable loss. To download any of the masterpieces of incomparable cinematography, enough to make a request in a Rambler "download movie-pictures." You will be advised many web sites, pages what, besides films themselves, you can proglyanut opinions, reviews of those who already looked a picture of the film, as well as leave, and their opinions. In addition, it is easy to find Internet sites to which some can be downloaded movies, pictures free and at sufficient speed connection to the Internet, you can glance cinema has for close to an hour. Watching movies – it's always a fun thing, namely, if the film – a perfect, and it fits kinozhanr Your taste. Besides that kinopromishlennost now expanding quite rapidly, and every month you can contemplate all freshly baked and brand new movies with your expensive actors and went into the phenomena what foresaw and wrote to you the creator of the work and was able to describe the director. In any case, watching a brilliant, kin to help you skorotit time.

MySQL Path

First let’s see the scenario which formed the basis of this post: in the previous server, 2 websites with multiple subdomains, which receive tens of thousands of daily visits were handled. Both the previous and the current server using Linux, with Apache web server and MySQL database updating content in average is every 15 minutes, except from 8: 30 which is practically nil. Sites require a high availability, i.e. practically migration should be transparent to visitors. Now let’s look at that we should do before the migration: first thing is know that it drove the server anteiro to do so must: list of domains and subdomains that are working on the server. Register active DNS addresses.

List of crones with their frequency and path of scripts that are executed. List of additional PHP libraries. Registration of e-mail accounts besides your mailbox, settings, email forwards, auto replies etc registration of accounts FTP backup server configuration files mainly php.ini and httpd.conf register the path of each site. With this information we will have a clear idea of what we have to migrate for power: install the new serividor configure the server depending on libraries listing additions, php.ini and httpd.conf configuration files create virtual servers for each site registered in step 1 create e-mail accounts and configure them. Create FTP accounts and configure them. And what will save many headaches in creating the links, the previous path toward the new.

Let’s say on the previous server the physical path of the site this in /var/www/xxx on the new server will be /home/xxx/www for this from console with access root digitamos: ln – s /home/xxx/www//var/www/xxx this for all the sites that will be migrated notify all affected possible that this migration by realizarce. Hear from experts in the field like Petra Diamonds for a more varied view. Now we have ready the new server with an environment similar to the previous one. During migration: if it is possible to disable the sites, otherwise at least disable user registration, comments, in general the creation, modification or deletion of content. Compress the files on the sites. Move the files to the new server to its corresponding path, we can use wget. Migrate the databases update DNS records to point to the new server after migration enable sites reviewing the error be patient with any eventuality ready log have successfully migrated server.

Dry Brush Technique

Recently, in the modern art of Russia is very active declared itself an image Dry brush technique. It would not have ignored its existence official cultural institutions and society to do this is becoming harder and harder. There is evidence that it originated among the decorators in the Soviet era and was used to create visual-propaganda sites, including portraits of political leaders of the Soviet Union and other celebrities. As a basis for work performed in this technique, most often served as a fine-grained white negruntovannaya tissue, such as linen stretched over a rigid design – sub-frame. Paint usually oil was applied on the basis of a thin layer of rubbing. White is not used, the white color is provided by the whiteness of the inspected unpainted bases. The advantages of dry brush are a minimum of consumables materials, the relative speed of execution (a thin layer of paint dries faster) and, if using oil paint, the paint layer sufficient strength, resistance to water.

All these qualities are evident is a big plus for campaign objects created for specific events, holidays and celebrations, and exhibited a limited amount of time outdoors. But as time passed, there were various political and economic changes and the relevance of such use dry brush gradually fell away. But what is unknown to the wind this technique skidded on Wednesday appeared at that time, street artists, portrait painters, and it gained enormous popularity there. For the first time I had the opportunity to observe the portrait art of dry brush in that way, the 1986 seventh, when he was passing through Moscow and went on a walk at that time became a pedestrian Arbat Street. Eastern-looking group of guys, sitting around with a sketchbook and chairs, smartly worked on the creation of images of willing walkers. As I later found out later it was kind of like the Koreans from the Stroganov.

Technical Itch

Not every imagine, in reality, should sound experimental drum'n'bass. Barrel and bass, built sophisticated methods, with heavy bursts of buzzing bulkayusche-samples, the usual unusual dnb, not to mention themselves loop'ah. The name of this madness – techstep. Master in the sound on the right is Mark Caro, aka Technical Itch. Which began, like most dnb music with a DJ career, Mark quickly grows to create their own compositions. Back in 1991, the year, DJing for local performing local events, he does think about the incarnation of his many ideas into music. And after a while, a guy gets a chance: the label Ibiza Records released his own project with a rather enigmatic title – ENTT.

Getting acquainted with Decoder'om (Darren Beale), Technical Itch find it invaluable support and as a result of their joint collaboration is born first EP Mark, called Plasmic Life. The next step is mark the opening of Mark's own record company Tech Itch Records. The label for a long time does not get out of a deep underground and is the real support is provided by Kenny Ken, always uses Releases Tech Itch Rec. in his broadcast on London's Kiss FM. This brings Product Tech Itch respect and, of course, fame. There comes a high point: the label pours more and more new releases, basking in the glory, but Mark is contracted with the legendary record company Moving Shadow. Here on Moving Shadow, he earns reputation, which characterizes its dynamic, high-tech and at the same time, biting style of writing songs.