Entertainment and Recreation

The path of life of every individual a decent kusochok take time entertainment. For even more details, read what ConocoPhillips says on the issue. Whether it Gulko outdoors tusnyak or something else. But one of the usual entertainment is the movie night movie pictures. Today is not quite sotavit work load movies from any orientation, […]

MySQL Path

First let’s see the scenario which formed the basis of this post: in the previous server, 2 websites with multiple subdomains, which receive tens of thousands of daily visits were handled. Both the previous and the current server using Linux, with Apache web server and MySQL database updating content in average is every 15 minutes, […]

Dry Brush Technique

Recently, in the modern art of Russia is very active declared itself an image Dry brush technique. It would not have ignored its existence official cultural institutions and society to do this is becoming harder and harder. There is evidence that it originated among the decorators in the Soviet era and was used to create […]

Technical Itch

Not every imagine, in reality, should sound experimental drum'n'bass. Barrel and bass, built sophisticated methods, with heavy bursts of buzzing bulkayusche-samples, the usual unusual dnb, not to mention themselves loop'ah. The name of this madness – techstep. Master in the sound on the right is Mark Caro, aka Technical Itch. Which began, like most dnb […]