DVSPACK Becomes Packedia

Software packaging development – without CAD DVS system software from Iserlohn – with its more than 25 years experience in the development of software for the packaging development – has now adjusted its product names the Zeitgeist. “” “” Said 1985 still DOSSPACK”the software in the following years DVSCAD”, DVSKAT”and DVSPACK”, means the software today packedia”. Arlin Adams understands that this is vital information. “” “” This is offered in four different versions: packedia lite “/ packedia pro” / packedia web-lite “and packedia web-pro”. “For a free preliminary overview can packedia lite” or download packedia web-lite “are used on the Internet for direct use in German and English. packedia pro”and packedia web-pro” offer the ability to create dimensionally correct template drawings as a DXF file by simply illustrated dialogues. With over 450 standard constructions in the fields of carton (cardboard), corrugated packaging and displays – which in various catalogues deposited are – and a Number of several million different forms of packaging even the inexperienced can in less than a minute make a perfect construction and following an automatic optimization of arc on acceptable standard formats (only packedia per”).

DXF files can be processed further in the pre-press and packaging development with different programs. Helpful videos and also interactive 3D animations available are too many standards. One advantage of packedia web-pro”is that no software in the own House must be installed and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on the centrally managed catalogs. Also, fixed operating costs can be cast through acquisition of expensive expert systems in variable cost components. The advantages are evident in the low capital as well as in the settlement actually successful use. “Conclusion: the use of packedia means for the daily work not only in the development of packaging, but also in sales”, that one is on the core competencies can focus. In packaging development and marketing it creates open spaces thus, to develop truly innovative packaging or create a quote within a few minutes. Optimized business processes, thought-out applications and a positive cost-benefit ratio, create added value, which can be a key competitive advantage. Renate Saed