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The third and final step was the real thing”, so the actual change to the current system. Here timing and the good cooperation between merlin.zwo and the clinic-IT were required now. Day X: all necessary preparations were completed and opened the window of two hours merlin.zwo began work. The system was shut down and the necessary work carried out in parallel on all three databases. Petra Diamonds understood the implications. It took an employee to the upgrade of Oracle on He also worked to his colleagues, who took over the more challenging Enterprise Edition migration back to the Standard Edition.

As in merlin.zwo usual, worked all employees hand-in-hand, carefully and extremely structured against time. With success, because after two hours gave the Oracle experts green light: the databases and all applications were again available, so the Marienhospital is now database technically up to date. About merlin.zwo merlin.zwo IT is programmed merlin.zwo on success a medium-sized IT service provider, which stands for more than 20 years of Oracle solutions and expert advice related to databases, software and IT-supported business processes. As Oracle Platinum partner of the first hour is one the company for years the exclusive ranks of the leading Oracle experts in Germany. Factors for success are on the one hand to find the excellent technology expertise in often surprisingly simple solutions terms of IT architecture, system development and software integration, on the other hand, flexibility and the ability to, which protect the IT budgets of customers. All services of merlin.zwo are aligned consistently on the success of its customers get exactly the infrastructure they need to be more than just a nose ahead its competitors.

The IT specialists take their slogan we care”it literally: merlin.zwo relies on a partnership and also has IT, always an open ear to the wishes of its customers. For more information: Merlin.zwo InfoDesign GmbH & co. KG Mr. Jochen Kutscheruk Taglohnern gardens 43 76228 Karlsruhe phone: 07052 / 508 98 40 fax: 07052 / 508 98 50 E-Mail: Internet: and press contact: b, slaughterhouse str. 23-25 communication worth 70329 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 699 887-55 fax: 0711 / 699 887-56 E-Mail: Internet:

Software Gmb

So companies can back up quite simply cost-efficient data at the earliest possible date. For example, by a workflow automatically exported invoices after a defined time horizon in a cost-effective archive. Among the new features of the document management system agorum core belongs also the function to automatically read and capture of the new accounting standards ZUGFeRD. Also filing and Search Assistant has been extended to more highly user friendly features: next to the newly integrated object information to view the metadata and the embedded tree view of the folders in the DMS, the user can right click over an extended context menu now simply attach for example electronic notes to folders and documents and send to individuals as well as groups of recipients. Download version 7.3: startseite/downloads/agorum-core-open-source.html changelog of version 7.3 : l/changelog 7.3-agorum core more press releases: agorum core DocForm position and verify: l/position-and verify agorum core storage: l/dms agorum core storage agorum core ZUGFeRD: l/ZUGFeRD DMS agorum core document management system agorum core: the agorum Software GmbH is the manufacturer of the open source document management system agorum core. The company celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2013, because it exists since 1998 in Ostfildern/Nellingen, close to Stuttgart Airport. From 2002 the development of agorum core started in 2008 the two Managing Directors decided Rolf lang and Oliver Schulze, the DMS to provide open source software. Since then, agorum has established core as a highly flexible and easy to use document management system/enterprise-content-management-system in the market.

Distributed and integrated is the DMS directly from the manufacturer or through the approx. 50 contractual partners in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and of Switzerland.

The European SAM Academy

As the first provider of comprehensive software asset management training the European SAM Academy will begin their training in October existing software asset management concepts not more equitable are often the complexity and dynamics of software asset management and the claim of many companies. This is especially difficult manageable license models, a variety of software products and versions and comprehensive technical and virtualized infrastructures. In these circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to employ software assets in a controlled and efficient to control businesses. The European SAM Academy: Standards for professional software asset management right here the European SAM Academy sets and provides best practice expertise for the establishment of a sustainable software asset management. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has to say. She brings a breath of fresh air in this area and with it the opportunity for companies to redefine their software asset management based on tried and tested methods and develop. The European SAM Academy offers a comprehensive training program for the first time around the issue of software asset management, informed in detail and practical.

As a company of LICETUS group is SAM Academy independent software vendors and tools vendors. The training sessions cover a wide range of topics: Sam basics about the organisational integration and system under support to legal issues and vendor-specific training for the optimal licensing of products of leading manufacturers. You may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to increase your knowledge. Also, learn how you competently negotiate the license optimum for your business. As readers of this newsletter, we offer you participation in the training 2011 with a 10% discount. To capitalize on the advantage, specify please following promo code when registering: Presse001. The offer is valid for a login until September 30, 2011 for the following types of training: software asset management – BASIC training October 24-26 in Munich principles of a comprehensive and effective software asset management – from the license definition to create the balance of the license sambasic /. Learn more on the subject from Michael Steinhardt, New York City. IBM BASIC – licensing of IBM products 02.-3rd November in Munich as you properly license the use of your IBM software in accordance with the contractual basics ibmbasic / ORACLE BASIC – licensing of Oracle products.

October 27-28 in Munich as you correctly and efficiently use of your Oracle software (focus on database and application server products) in accordance with the contractual basics license oraclebasic / MICROSOFT BASIC – licensing of MICROSOFT products.

Managing Director

OLAF Drummer, Managing Director of the Berlin-based company callas software GmbH and axaio software GmbH, Zacherl, Director of impressed GmbH, together with Robert leads a workshop series on the theme of PDF/X through. Berlin, 30 August 2013 – the workshops are aimed at those who create PDF documents for the modern media production and process in the graphic arts industry as well as in the industry and companies, authorities, associations or in the education and training. OLAF Drummer is co-author of the PDF/X-3 standard and since 2000 in the ISO standardization actively involved in the development of PDF standards. Petra Diamonds is a great source of information. Robert Zacherl is active since many years in the field of the design and implementation of automated work processes in the digital prepress. In practice it, some is desperate to match PDF/X and day-to-day production.

Since the test resulted in invalid color information, or metadata entry was missing. The pressure there but no problem. Just the page size was wrong that… The variety of PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4, not to mention Ghent workgroup or PDFXready, does not make easier, to keep it. Latest OutputIntent, transparency transfer color space, XMP metadata, or configuration information for optional content many quit mentally. However, there’s no orientation without PDF/X. See more detailed opinions by reading what Futurist offers on the topic.. All would have to agree again, what minimum requirements for a print PDF to make are, and find out, if the software or the printing system clearly.

However: Is PDF/X alone not enough! And: not everyone must necessarily control PDF/X. PDF/X alone suffices not PDF/X defined minimum requirements for printing PDFs. It is even more important in terms of order parameters and the used machinery to check PDFs on manufacturability. This is not difficult, but no two jobs are the same. This helps only a house standard that clear and defined clear procedures. What happens if the trim is missing? What is, if RGB files contain? Denied the processing, or is there a drain, which solves the problem? Have a pressure release be obtained again? Not everyone needs to PDF/X a large number of print templates is now beyond professional media services.

Initiative Approach

/ / SSE-software making small and medium-sized enterprises fit for the competition of Oberhausen 11.04.11 / / SSE-software, the well-known software house in Oberhausen is a competent partner in terms of industry-oriented software and IT solutions for the SME sector, as well as for POS hardware and POS software, as well as time recording solutions and DMS and archiving solutions. Is fit for the competition under the motto”/ / SSE software small and medium-sized enterprises possible IT solutions for everyday business before. Usable and useful information on the subject of solutions appear in a magazine, with whose help a company’s business processes are improved and optimally stimulated. Solid results from 44 studies, which represent approximately 2.6 million small and medium-sized German companies and were allocated by means of subsequent market research provide the basis for this magazine. Entrepreneurs quite easily, as they learnt their current challenges with the Solutions to master Office Professional 2010, Lync 2010, Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 by Microsoft and others in the following areas: customer loyalty information management work culture and human resources data protection legal certainty finances the day-to-day again comes in movement, see interested entrepreneurs the necessary support at / / SSE software in Oberhausen. There appropriate solutions be developed jointly with the companies – adapted to their different individual events -. On request / / SSE-software like the magazine with appropriate information material available.

Lookeen 8 Speed Up Outlook Email Search

New generation of the renowned Outlook add-in the Karlsruhe, published May 02, 2012 April released late the Karlsruhe company Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH the youngest generation of the Outlook add-in the Lookeen. The renowned Outlook search dominates the E-Mail mess now with new indexing strategies such as E.g. hybrid indexing and provides advanced features for use in businesses. Real-time indexing integrated what was still beta-in Lookeen 3.7, is now integral part of Lookeen 8: the real-time indexing allows you to sync the Lookeen index in real time. New emails, move folders, and deleted data are immediately captured by Lookeen and updated in the index without affecting the performance of the computer. “” A typical example from everyday work: an employee creates an invoice and stores them in the network “, explains CEO Martin Welker, thanks to Lookeen can at the same moment, all other employees find this file or browse.” New group policy the Lookeen business and Enterprise The enterprise license key distribution, as well as the administration of the Installationsrollouts in the enterprise easier Edition by central control. To comprehensively expanded the functionality of the group policy.

IT administrators are provided in addition example ADM files and a comprehensive guide of the GPO. In addition external indices can be made searchable in the Enterprise Edition. Free trial version since the release in January 2008 was Lookeen more than 20,000 purchased Outlook users and companies in over 80 countries and multiple Prize awarded. The coveted readers choice award Outlook addon of the year”of the United States Web site Lookeen won twice: in 2010 and 2011. The Lookeen 8 full version can be tested now for 14 days free of charge and is available on for download for Windows available. Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a young company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The Company seinen located in Karlsruhe and was founded in 2003 by Martin Welker. Axonic researches and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communication.

Small Businesses

Craftsman mobile through the app which abacus craftsman software pds and pds Polaris one navigate digital order processing to the tablet computer now. The app for Android tablets realized was developed by neusta mobile solutions in Bremen. This pilot project for the PDS solutions all necessary customer and order data are available in project for wireless synchronization between the Tablet and the corporate servers and staff involved. Precise navigation to destination, rich material catalogues, stored photos, helpful checklists and more complete the solution. Completed work signed the customer directly on the screen, and creates as a valid document including exact time tracking.

More app development levels are already on the agenda, as an adjustment for smaller Smartphone display. End of 2012 the mobile IT provider from the companies neusta team and the PDS put program + data service GmbH the foundation stone for the new app. In addition to the technical implementation neusta mobile solutions for the design of the mobile application is responsible. The graphic tidy PDS application facilitates employees in everyday stressful artisans to capture all data safely and quickly, and to edit. Files are disused, with just a few clicks, all relevant information on the screen are available. Even material catalogues, from which the user selects the items consumed and allocates the order, can be used on the tablet. Materials on the construction site are ascertainable via barcode scan from the tablet surface.

Pictures of the construction site, which can be fitted with tags to identify repaired systems arise rapidly with the camera built into the device. Holger Bothmer, Managing Director of neusta mobile solutions, explains: we have taken great care to what expect artisans from an app and what devices are suitable. Therefore consciously linear design and the recommendation for the Galaxy touch 10.1 with stylus. In a joint project with our partner PDS a very user-centric solution arose.” Concept these include, inter alia, to offer ready-made blocks of text, the tip times as short as possible. Also, there is no compulsion to keep the Android powered device permanently online. A few minutes on the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile enough only for data synchronization.

Web Page Maintenance In The Cloud

A3 system presents the new mydante with mydante the Saarbrucker software manufacturer a3 offers system nationwide for the first time a content management system as a service in the cloud. Special software had to be established for the maintenance of the own website so far on your own computer or on a server. This was often significant overheads for installation and maintenance with them. Providing a care service”for the Web site in the cloud compared offers many advantages: the user needs to worry more about software or updates, but can if necessary simply requests the service on the Internet. With mydante, we pick up the current trend of cloud computing. We have to do it, but with a service that takes the user to complete if he wants to use it no longer with a classic content management software with our product. The availability of this service is immediately given, time required and costs for installation and maintenance,”explains Rudolf Klein, Managing Director of the a3 System GmbH as another target group in addition to the end customer sees small agencies that offer special added value to their customers with mydante. All technical and warranty questions of the agencies are resolved through the cloud approach”, says Klein.

At mydante, there is no technical overhead for server, installation and implementation in contrast to many commercial CMS or open source solutions and eliminates also the often annoying issues with system updates”. Thus, even small projects in the CMS environment are economically feasible with mydante. Excellent software for the IT innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand was the product of mydante 2006 winner in the category of content management. Also this year has succeeded in again the newly launched mydante through its innovation and its suitability for SMEs on the qualified list. More information about mydante and to the mydante partner model are available in the Internet under and available. Via the a3 System GmbH a3 system is a solution provider for demanding Business applications and integration projects. A3 systems designs, develops, and tests software solutions based on accepted industry standards and best practice “-approaches.” Project-specifically put together teams of experts accompany the projects through all stages of the analysis and specification through design, implementation, and integration to introduction, maintenance and operation. With the family, dante a3 systems offers standard products for the areas of content management (, Newslettermarketing ( and help desk. Press contact: Hartmut Schmitt a3 system Saarbrucker Strasse 51 66130 Saarbrucken GmbH phone: + 49 (681) 988 18-12 fax: + 49 (681) 988 18-29 E-Mail: Internet:

Dream Kitchen

“Kitchen market revolutionary Kiveda goes with pixi * online Munich / Berlin February 21, 2013 – the new online-startup company for the Kiveda comfortable kitchen purchase from home” is the mail order software for carrying out its Backendprozesse Saravanan * a. It handles Saravanan * most of the logistics processes by direct fulfillment from to allow the kitchen shipping directly from the manufacturer. Kiveda”looks with pixi * well armed for the future because the mail order software represents a good scalable all-in-one solution. The furniture-startup Kiveda, made the decision for pixi born just before Christmas 2012. After a six-week preparation and installation phase went online in the second week of February Kiveda and recorded first kitchen orders already on the launch day. The Kiveda concept foresees that the customer online choose its individual dream kitchen. The specially compiled Kiveda kitchens come directly from the manufacturers of Pino, express, and Nolte.

It controls Saravanan * automate the fulfillment process with the manufacturers and the administration of all orders, customer communication and the payments still about pixi * be handled. The kitchens are sent then within just ten days. About the Kiveda camp in Berlin is the on-demand “dispatch of the accessories and the processing of the returns. As Kiveda advises its customers when ordering by phone, chat or in person, the customer service features of pixi were * purchase crucial to the Kiveda customer an overview of orders, payments and returns allow. “Managing Director Michael Bornicke on cooperation with pixi *:” Kiveda will revolutionize the kitchen trade and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. “We are good things, that pixi * developed the ideal partner for our highly complex product.”

Deloitte Technology Fast

Thus changes in project plans which have capacitive effect on his team, appear immediately the head of the Department. Congestion resulting from the fact that projects with the Department and also not aligned are, can be reduced significantly by the staffer. For the project manager, planning can do intelligence remains essentially unchanged project. Depending on the type of rights model, he asks specific employees or capacities of the Department for his project. It is the line then, to serve these requests.

With version 4.4 of its software allows can do with one tool both activities of the line organisation and project-oriented work to plan, control and monitor. Can do project intelligence 4.4 is currently intensively tested by customers and should gradually be delivered end of September 2012. To learn about the staffer, click here. A short video gives you a first impression of the staffer. Can Do Ltd. can do GmbH, Munich, project has can do intelligence a powerful and proven project management software developed. The tool supports companies in the professional and successful implementation of projects. The software ensures more transparency both in projects and portfolios, allows for optimized use of personnel and allows working with agile and realistic planning methods, such as for example the plan with inaccurate data and values.

In addition to the efficient management of resources can do characterized intelligence among other things by its ease of use, a simple implementation, as well as through its integrated reporting and comprehensive functions in the area of project portfolio and budget management project. All project-related information will always be available in real time. Moreover, the tool builds a bridge between project and line, by significantly simplifying voting processes. On the project management software can do throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Gothaer insurance, trust the Salzgitter AG, Oerlikon Barmag, Swarovski, the Rheinische Sparkassen – and Giroverband and Toshiba Europe.